100 Pcs 4 Inch Plastic Nursery Garden Plant Tags, White Color Plants Seed Garden Labels Pot Marker for Plants and Pots

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Garden Labels for plants

Brand: Mihey

Color: White


  • Good for organizing and marking plants in your garden
  • Easy to write on, and very visible
  • Material: PVC Plastic, UV resistant, easy to stick in the soil
  • Size: 10*2cm (Length:10 cm/4 inch Width:2 cm/0.8 inch)
  • Package:100 Pcs (white)

Details: 100 Pcs 4 inch Plastic Nursery Garden Stake Tags Package:100 Pcs (white)

Package Dimensions: 4.1 x 2.5 x 0.7 inches


Product Description:

100 Pcs 4 Inch Plastic Waterproof Nursery Garden Plant Tags, White Color Plants Seed Garden Labels Pot Marker for Pots and Plants. It's a High-Quality Garden Label for plants. These plastic plant tags are waterproof and will not brittle and snap like most plastic tags. They will not rot as wooden tags do either.

They don’t rust like metal tags. And best of all they are short enough to fit in a mini greenhouse or humidity dome. The triangle end tip design is easy to insert into soft soil. If the ground is hard, use gardening tools to dig a small hole first


Customer questions & answers




                  0.016 inches


                What color are these tags? Pictures look like a light violet color, but the

                description indicates white.


                They're white and a bit thin, in my opinion. I'm not sure if they'll make it

               through winter here in Chicago's northern suburbs


                 How do you write on these plant labels? Can you use a pencil?


              They are made of slick white plastic. I do not think a pencil would work 

              especially if your plants are outside. I use a permanent marker.


              How well will these go into harder soil? Will sharpie markers fade on



              Sharpie marker is what I used and it did fade