Mimosa Pudica Seeds - 100 Sensitive Plant Seeds for Planting - Exotic Flower Seeds

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Mimosa Pudica Seeds, Sensitive Plant Seeds for Planting, Exotic Flower Seeds




Plant or Animal Product Type: Mimosa pudica


Brand: RDR Seeds


Material Feature: GMO Free, Heirloom


Sunlight Exposure: Full Sun


Expected Planting Period: Summer


Product Care Instructions: Water, Well-drained




  • This beautiful exotic plant moves when touched
  • Produces pretty pink flowers
  • Packed in the USA
  • Grows 18-24 inches tall
  • Prior to planting nick seeds with a knife or pour boiling water on them and allow to soak overnight. This will help germination. Plant in well-drained soil just below the surface once the temperature reaches 65 and keeps moist, but not waterlogged.

Sensitive Plant Seeds for Planting - Mimosa Pudica Seeds

Mimosa Pudica is the scientific name for this species, but it is also known as “The plant that plays dead.” Other nicknames or “common names” include Touch-Me-Not, Shy Plant, Humble Plant, Sleeping Grass, Noli Me Tangere, and Modest Princess & Prayer Plant. Originating from Central & South America, Mimosa Pudica plants can found in many tropical areas around the world.


Examples outside of Mimosa include the telegraph plant, Aldrovanda, some species of Drosera, and the famous venus flytrap. The leaves of the Mimosa pudica close quickly when touched. Some mimosas raise their leaves during the day and lower them at night, and experiments done by Jacques d'Ortous de Mairan on mimosas in 1729 provided the first evidence of biological clocks.

Mimosa can distinguished from the largely related genera, Acacia and Albizia since its flowers have 10 or fewer stamens.


Mimosa Pudica seeds should be plant just below the soil surface in an area (or window) with plenty of suns. The best soil is well-drained loamy soil that includes peat moss. The seeds should be watere often, to provide consistent moisture, but avoid overdoing it until the soil becomes soggy and waterlogged.