Grow Your Own Garden with 25 High-Quality Flower Seed Packets

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25 Assorted Flower Seed Packets 10+ Varieties Available

Looking to brighten up your garden or add some color to your outdoor space?

Look no further than our 25 Assorted Flower Seed Packets! Our flower seed packets a variety of 10 different types of flowers available, you'll have everything you need to create a beautiful, vibrant garden that's sure to impress.

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different varieties of flower seeds, carefully curated to provide you with the best selection of blooms for your garden. From classic favorites like marigolds and zinnias to unique and exotic flowers like moonflowers and butterfly weed, you'll have an array of colors, textures, and scents to choose from.

Our seeds are of the highest quality, carefully selected and packaged to ensure that they germinate easily and produce beautiful, healthy plants. Each packet contains enough seeds to cover a generous amount of space in your garden, so you'll have plenty of blooms to enjoy all season long.

With our 25 Assorted Flower Seed Packets, you'll have everything you need to create a beautiful garden that's uniquely your own. Whether you're an experienced gardener or just starting out, our seeds are the perfect choice for anyone looking to add some beauty and color to their outdoor space. Order now and start planting your dream garden today!

The benefit of our garden seeds
  1. Wide Variety of Flowers: The pack includes 25 different varieties of flower seeds, which means you can have a diverse and colorful garden with different textures and scents. It's a great way to experiment with new flower varieties and create a unique garden that reflects your personality.

  2. Quality Seeds: The seeds are carefully selected and packaged to ensure that they germinate easily and produce healthy plants. This means you're more likely to have a successful garden and get the most out of your investment.

  3. Cost-Effective: Buying flower seeds in bulk is often more cost-effective than purchasing individual seed packets. With 25 packets included in this set, you'll have plenty of seeds to cover a good amount of space in your garden, making it a great value for money.

  4. Easy to Grow: Even if you're new to gardening, you can easily grow these flowers as they're chosen specifically for their ease of growth. With proper care and attention, you'll have beautiful blooms in no time.

  5. Sustainable: Growing flowers from seeds is a sustainable and eco-friendly way to beautify your outdoor space. It's a great way to reduce your carbon footprint and contribute to a greener environment.

Overall, the 25 Assorted Flower Seed Packets offer a wide range of benefits, from providing a diverse and colorful garden to being cost-effective and eco-friendly. Whether you're an experienced gardener or a beginner, these seed packets are a great investment for creating a stunning outdoor space.


How to use our garden seeds packet

  1. Prepare your soil: Choose a sunny spot in your garden and prepare the soil by removing any weeds, rocks, or debris. Loosen the soil to a depth of 6-8 inches and mix in some compost or other organic matter to improve the soil's quality.

  2. Choose your flowers: Take a look at the 25 varieties of flower seeds in your packet and choose the ones you want to grow. You can also mix and match them to create a colorful and diverse garden.

  3. Plant your seeds: Each packet includes instructions on how to plant your seeds, including the depth, spacing, and timing. Follow the instructions carefully to ensure that your seeds have the best chance of germinating and growing successfully.

  4. Water and care for your plants: Once your seeds have germinated and started to grow, make sure to water them regularly and provide them with the right amount of sunlight and nutrients. You can also protect them from pests and diseases by using natural remedies or organic pesticides.

  5. Enjoy your flowers: With proper care, your flowers should start to bloom within a few weeks or months, depending on the variety. Enjoy their beauty and fragrance, and don't forget to cut them for use in flower arrangements or to share with your friends and family.

Overall, using the 25 Assorted Flower Seed Packets is a fun and rewarding way to create a stunning garden that reflects your personality and style. Just follow these steps, and you'll be on your way to a beautiful and vibrant outdoor space!

Brand: Black Duck Brand

Material Feature: GMO Free, Heirloom

Expected Blooming Period: Spring

Sunlight Exposure: Partial Sun

Unit Count: 25 Count

Expected Planting Period: Spring

Number Of Pieces: 25

Item Weight: ‎2.39 ounces


 10+ Varieties Available

May Include: Forget Me Nots, Pinks, Marigolds, Zinnia, Wildflower, Poppy, Snapdragon, and More - Made in the USA



  • Includes 25 Seed Packets!
  • Each Set Includes 25 Varieties! Including Poppy, Strawflower, Clarkia, Stock, Aster Crego, Aster Powder Puff, Alyssum, Forget Me Not, Bachelor's Button, Candy Tuft, Zinnia Cali Giant, Shasta Daisy, Pinks Double Imperial, Gypsophila, Evening Primrose, Cosmos, Marigold Sparky, Wildflower Mixture, Calendula, Snapdragon, Sweet William, Zinnia Lilliput, Sunflower, Marigold, and Cut Flower Mixture Seeds!
  • Create the ultimate flower garden! Because High Germination Rates, Non-GMO Heirloom Seeds!
  • Each Packet Contains Many Seeds, From twenty-five for larger seeds to hundreds of smaller seeds!
  • Each variety is packed in individually sealed envelopes!