2PCS Round Replacement Coco Liner for Hanging Basket, 12 inch Coconut Fiber Plant Basket Liner for Garden Planter Flower Pot (12 inch Round)

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Color: Brown


  • 2Pcs 12" diameter extra thick replacement molded coir liners for hanging basket.
  • Made from 100% natural coconut fiber, coco liner keeps plant moisture, promotes air circulation, and reduces watering by 50%.
  • Pre-formed coconut liner, conveniently secured to hanging basket. Ideal for planting flower plants such as ivy, snapdragon, chlorophytum plant, etc.
  • Coco liners for hanging pots is the popular choice of growers. Can be used for home furnishings, home gardening, balcony gardens, wedding decoration, greening projects.
  • What you get: 2 packs flower pot liners, 12 Inches in diameter x 6 Inches in depth.

Details: Instead of buying all new hanging planters, replace the liners is a best choicef for you ! Brown coconut coir is a natural fiber made from the husk of ripe coconuts. One of the most popular products, are coconut fiber liners, which are commonly found and used in hanging baskets and planters. Features: Coconut liner for rope hanging planter basket keeps plants moist between watering. Natural brown in color and pre-formed coco liner made of 100% natural coco fiber. They can hold a great deal of water, releasing it slowly to allow plant roots to better take it up. These water saving coconut liners also provide good drainage. They’re porous too, allowing for good aeration. These liners are very absorbent, so if hanging baskets or planters should become too dry, they will quickly re-absorb water. The coconut husks used in coir contain potassium, copper, zinc and manganese -- all nutrients that benefit plant growth. The organic material of coconut coir contains a neutral pH (6.0-6.7) and small amounts of beneficial phosphorus and potassium. Tips: You may also want to consider adding in some water absorbing crystals or perlite to the potting mix as well to retain additional moisture. In times of excessive heat and windy conditions, especially with hanging baskets, this additional moisture is necessary to keep plants from drying out. Although coconut fiber liners hold and absorb water well, they are still porous and apt to dry out more quickly. Therefore, you should always check plants frequently to stay on top of their watering needs. Package includes: 2 x Coconut Liners for window boxes & planters

Package Dimensions: 11.1 x 9.4 x 3.3 inches