3 Lbs Salmon Bay Pebbles for Humidity Tray Bonsai Tree & Lucky Bamboo

1.388 kg
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Salmon Bay Pebbles


Plant or Animal Product Type: Bamboo

Indoor/Outdoor Usage: Indoor


Package Dimensions: 8.85 x 5.94 x 1.73 inches

Item Weight: 3.05 pounds

Manufacturer: jmbamboo



  • Add a final touch of beauty and protection to all potted plants terrariums and indoor gardens
  • Adds color texture and variety to house plants
  • 3. lb. per Bag
  • Use indoors or outdoors
  • Perfect as vase filter


Salmon Bay Pebbles

Salmon Bay Pebbles are bright and vibrant, drawing attention to any part of your home or garden.

Salmon Bay Pebbles are a mixture of opaque salmon-colored pebbles with some white coloration. but It is a beautiful and unique glass-like rock. It is best used as an accent in the garden, as a mulch for containers, or in dish gardens. because Popular in pond applications and in water features.



How do you keep the rocks clean in the Humidity tray?

At the end of my orchid season, when you are ready to put the orchids outside, you dump all the rocks into a basin and hose them down, pulling out a bit at a time as clean. If you are using these for year-round plants, you'll just have to decide on a time to wash the rocks and then put them back into the Humidity tray.


They are super easy to clean, but if your pots sit directly on the rocks, you will not avoid the dirt washing down.


Make sure you keep the tops of pebbles clear of the water. Remove plants, and spray the tops of the pebbles with bleach. so Let dry, and replace plants Repeat as necessary.