5 lbs. of Small Garden Pebbles “Triple Washed” from Northern Michigan Succulents, Cactus or Bonsai, Fairy Gardens, Terrariums | Safe & Non-Toxic

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Safe & Non-Toxic Small Garden Pebbles

Brand: Akka Naturals

Product Dimensions: 7.5 x 4 x 4 inches

Item Weight: 4.95 pounds

Manufacturer: Akka Naturals


  • Perfect for ornamental plants- Add that final touch to Succulents and Cactus, Bonsai Trees, as well as flower arrangements.
  • All Natural and non-toxic- These small River Pebbles are all Natural. Free of polishing compounds and chemical cleaning agents. They have been Only Wash With WATER several times.
  • Decorative gravel can be used indoors and outdoors and these small natural decor rocks can use indoors or outdoors as well as create beautiful mini gardens.

  • These decorative gravel cover approx- 16" X 16" when all 5lbs. are sprayed out evenly on a level surface. Most of these small garden pebbles measure between 1/4" & 1/2" in size.


Safe & Non-Toxic Garden Pebbles

These small all-natural garden pebbles are sourced from northern mi. No chemicals, polishes, or cleaning agents used because just cleaned with water.

These decorative pebbles are one of the simplest, most practical, and most multi-use materials that add an utterly charming touch to any outdoor space.

Because years and years of cascading water have provided us with naturally occurring decorative garden tones with smooth edges that appear in a variety of colors.

Decorative pebbles make for great material in your outdoor walkways as well as your driveway. Again, Pebbles are cost-efficient and simple to install and maintain. At the same time, the gravel will help you avoid erosion and mud and encourage good drainage.

These decorative garden stones look great in paths, gardens, yards, Flower arrangements, vases, fairy gardens, mini gardens, terrariums, pebble mulch, ornamental, water features, as well as gardens, and more.