9GreenBox 20 OZARK BEAUTY BARE ROOT STRAWBERRY PLANTS - Non GMO Heirloom Fruit - Bare Root

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Bare Root Strawberries Plant-Non GMO Heirloom Fruit


  • You will receive healthy bare root strawberries plants.
  • You will see growth within 3 days. The most importan part of planting these plants is to make sure you have at least 30% sand mixed into the soil.
  • Strawberry plants need three things: 1. Any soil but at least 30% sand needs to be added and mixed well.
  • The sand is the most important part and without it they will die. I will send a picture 2. The plant can soak in water for an hour and then plant. Crowns need to place above the soil where you see a little root.
  • When planting in towers make sure you add at least 30% sand mixed into the soil really well. Then make sure the drain whole doesn't get clogged by adding stones or a screen mess of some sort then put mixed soil on top. Pack each layer tightly, on all the wholes make sure to add more dirt to have a cone shape that is higher than the whole. When placing the roots you can cut them to 2.5 inches in length and put into to cones you created. Make sure you see a little root when placing