AMERICAN PLANT EXCHANGE English Ivy Baltic Trailing Vine Live Plant, 6" Pot, Indoor/Outdoor Air Purifier

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American Plant Exchange, Vine Flowers

American Plant Exchange

Color: Indoor/Outdoor Air Purifier

Vine Flowers Features:

  • This fast-growing climber is easy to care for, and looks great either hanging or dangling. Its vines from a shelf, in containers and hanging baskets, or can be sheared and trained as Topiary.
  • As we know that English Ivy ground cover removes harmful gases from the air and purifies it.
  • The foliage of Baltic English Ivy is slightly smaller and more compact than traditional English Ivy, shipping in cold weather can cause damage to live plants.
  • The most important part of indoor ivy plant care is light. All true ivies need bright, indirect light.

Binding: Lawn & Patio

Details: Beautiful as a ground cover or a houseplant, English Ivy is a classically elegant choice that is also excellent for removing harmful chemicals found in the home. It can grow in full shade to full sun. Can be trained into shapes, & with proper care, It is likely to survive for several years.

Package Dimensions: 14.0 x 6.0 x 6.0 inches