AMERICAN PLANT EXCHANGE Sansevieria Trifasciata Black Coral Live Plant, 3 Gallon, Indoor/Outdoor Air Purifier

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AMERICAN PLANT EXCHANGE Black Coral Sansevieria Plant.

Brand: American Plant Exchange

Color: Indoor/Outdoor Air Purifier!


  • Also nicknamed Snake plant & Mother-In-Law's tongue this beautiful houseplant has elegant green and black upright sword-like leaves
  • Snake plants are very low maintenance and thrive on neglect in tight spaces with little water in very low light, shade, or indirect sun
  • This plant is good for you! A NASA study identified Sansevieria as one of the top air-purifying plants to remove chemicals in your home
  • As one of the few plants that release oxygen during the night. Iit may help you sleep better when placed in the bedroom
  • Feel free to travel, this plant does best when left alone with minimal supervision; do not overwater them

Binding: Lawn & Patio

Black Coral Details:

A native of West Africa, the Sansevieria Trifasciata "Black Coral" is a rare plant in the Dracaena genus and is a tall robust plant that can reach 3 to 4' tall at maturity.

The Black Coral variety has a tight clump of vertical dark green leaves with lighter gray-green, Zig-Zig, horizontal bands & broad, longitudinal, green stripes along the margins.

Flowering on this cultivar is rare but not unheard of with fragrant greenish-white flowers spaced out in clusters near the top of a vertical inflorescence. It is a very easy-care plant and is perfect for plant beginners and frequent travelers.

Not intended for consumption by humans or animals. Plants are living growing organisms and their sizes, nutrition, and water requirements vary throughout the growing season.

We try to provide images that most accurately represent our plants but sizes can vary throughout the year. We handpick all of our potted plants. Insert the pot into a plastic bag to help keep the soil in place. Now add a bamboo stake to help prevent movement before they are boxed and shipped to you.

Extreme temperature changes and rough handling during shipping can be tough on living plants. They may need some TLC when they arrive. Gently wipe the leaves with a damp cloth, check the soil for moisture, and place the plant inside in an area with plenty of indirect sunlight.

Wait a week or two before moving or repotting to allow the plant to acclimate to its new home and do not overwater. Overwatering is one of the most common problems with plant care.

The Sansevieria plant does not like to be overwatered. The soil in the top half of the pot should be dry before you water it. Overwatering may cause the leaves to yellow and the plant to rot. They should be fed general-purpose plant food twice a year.

Package Dimensions: 40.0 x 10.0 x 10.0 inches