BANDQ Soil Moisture Meter, Soil PH Meter/Light/Moisture Meter for House Plants, Gardening Farm Lawn Indoor & Outdoor Soil Test Kit

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Brand: BANDQ

Color: Yellow- soil test kit


  • Don't test in water/liquid
  • 💦🍀[ 4-in-1 Soil Moisture Meter / Soil PH Meter /light Tester / Soil Thermometer] this soil meter allows you to get a deeper understanding of when your plants need water and light, etc. (Don't Test Humidity In Water)
  • 💦🍀[Large Display More Accurate Reading] Moisture meter upgraded with high quality stainless steel, not only avoid the test sensor falling off, being corroeded easily but also brings more accurate test results. This soil tester, moisture meter for house plants such as cactus, money tree, succulents, aloe vera, etc. Suitable for both indoor or outdoor, small or larger and potted plants use.
  • 💦🍀[4-in-1 Function & Display Clearly] Plant water meter can provides a clear appearance even in low light conditions, and clearly informed about the value of moisture, pH, temperature and light intensity under test, helping you to read them easily and quickly. It also provides low battery indication, ect.
  • 💦🍀[Simple Operation & Power Included] This plant moisture meter has Carbonmaterialbattery, it's easy to operation. Just insert the soil tester into the soil about 2-4 inches, you can get the soil moisture reading immediately. To get more accurate readings, you can test several more positions in a large pot and hold it for a few minutes.

model number: JCY-03

Part Number: JCY-03

Details: BATTERY INCLUDED IN THE PACKAGE 4IN1 SOIL METER MULTIFUNCTION SOIL TEST KIT 4-IN-1 Soil Moisture Meter Design to be lightweight and portable, easy to carry around, apply for both indoor and outdoor use, idea soil test kit for house plants, garden, lawn and farm. Kindly Note: 1. Don't use soil meter to test water. This soil meter can not be used to test ph/moisture value of any liquid. 2. PH tester non-lab grade. Test a few more positions or adjust the test sensor until the value changes. 3. Don't push it too hard, and if the soil is too dry, please water it before testing. 4. Do not leave the soil meter in the soil after testing plants in the garden or pot. 5. Please clean soil tester after each use. Package: 1 x 4in1 Soil Meter (Soil Moisture Tester/Soil Temperature/Sunlight Tester/Soil PH Tester) 9V Battery Included 1 x Packing Box Question: If I just measure soil moisture, do I need to wait 10 minutes before readings? Answer: The soil moisture meter can be read instantly, you can read it when the needle of the dial stop change. You don't need to wait ten minutes. Question: Do soil moisture meters test accurate moisture and pH values in water? Answer: The multi-function soil meter is specially designed for soil testing, and it is not recommended to test in water to obtain accurate moisture or ph values.

EAN: 9331632914184

Package Dimensions: 12.6 x 2.8 x 2.0 inches