Bendable Moss Pole, Plant Pole Sticks for Monstera Plant, Monstera Moss Poles for Climbing Plant Support Stakes for Indoor Plants,Coco Coir Pole Monstera for Potted Plant (25" x 2PCS)

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  • 💡🍀BENDABLE MOSS POLE: Bendable moss poles provide plants with more natural and diverse growth directions and grow more freely. Plant sticks support different from traditional straight shape moss poles, our plant pole adopts plant stakes unique bendable moss pole design, train climbing plants with shapes like heart, arch, snake, bring a funny planting. Moss sticks for plants, Monstera moss poles suits many of the climbing plants. Plant trellis for climbing plants indoor
  • 💡🍀MOSS POLE FOR PLANTS MONSTERA: Monstera moss pole to provide plant support pole for climbing plant support ,moss stakes, coco coir pole can help plants grow vertically and larger. Moss poles for climbing plants monstera. Moss pole for plants monstera can also be a space saver, Plant support stakes provide the climbing environment,creating a indoor garden.Plant stakes for indoor plants. plant poles for potted plants indoor.Tall moss pole plant support.Thin moss pole monstera.Skinny moss pole
  • 💡🍀MONSTERA STAKE: Firstly, Bend plant supports stakes for indoor plants into the shape which you like, then embed the plant sticks support handle completely into soil near the plant's stem. Finally tie the climbing plant stem to plant poles for potted plants indoor by hemstitch/paper twist/jute rope. Plant stakes and supports for potted plants mosspole monstera stake. Moss pole for monstera. Moss stick for monstera potted plants, moss sticks for indoor plants climbing.
  • 💡🍀PLANT SUPPORT FOR MONSTERA: This coir plant pole made of natural fiber material extracted from the husk of a coconut, coco coir pole will not drop moss; can easily help monstera grow upward; Moss poles for climbing plants help plants maintain the water and nutrition for growing better. Monstera plant support structures Each monstera pole moss pole reinforcement as your plant grows taller. large moss pole for plants monstera. plant supports for outdoor plants plant stake.
  • 💡🍀MONSTERA CLIMBING POLE EASY SETUP: Moss sticks stake Just embed the stake completely into soil near the plant's stem and bend it to your favourite shapes, then tie up your plant with a natural, easy to remove and non-damaging material, which blended in nicely with your plants. coir pole for climbing plants.

model number: Moss Pole

Part Number: Moss Pole

Package Dimensions: 13.7 x 4.6 x 1.7 inches