Black Roses Bouquet by Flower Explosion | Real Fresh Tinted Black Roses - 12 Stems

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Brand: Flower Explosion


  • Flower Explosion premium hand-cut black roses are our award winning flowers and impossible to find anywhere else.
  • The flowers are cut and are dipped in an organic plant-extract dye that is absorbed by the stem and permeating the bloom--creating a rich black look
  • Our roses are shipped directly from our farms to your door via state-of-the-art cold storage
  • This floral arrangement is the perfect Halloween or Valentine's Day gift to send or to keep for yourself.
  • If the flowers don't arrive as beautiful as you expect we will issue a refund immediately. That's how confident we are.

Binding: Grocery

Details: You didn't know that real black roses existed did you? Well we are actually one of the only sources of black roses in the world and they are one of our best sellers! At Flower Explosion we source our flowers from our farms located on the foothills of the Cotapaxi volcano. These black roses are cut and dyed black in a cutting-edge proprietary dying process. Shortly after first-cut these roses are dipped in an organic black dye which is then absorbed by the stem and permeates throughout the bloom. It creates a look you have never seen before. Please note that it is normal to see slight hints of red in some petals. Make sure to check out our other tinted roses in blue, green, rainbow, purple, pink, etc.. (and non-tinted flowers too!) only by Flower Explosion. Did you know that flowers you buy from your local florist and leading flower delivery services are more than 11-14 days old? At Flower Explosion our flowers arrive at your door only 3-4 days after the first cut. No middlemen to waste precious time and money. You deserve the freshest flowers at the lowest price.