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Buy 5 tines military grades stainless steel grdener hand claw rake with erogonomic handle for perfect pulverized and aerated soil.

Description OR Product Overview-

  • Gardeners claw hand rake having 11.5 inch. long ergonomic wooden handle, hence it is best for gripping.
  • Rake has leather strap so that it can be hang easily.
  • This claw hand rake has mlitary grade steel and wood material
  • This 5 tine and screws is made up of stainless steel
  • Hand rake is turdy and well-constructed.
  • Gardener hand rake is mainly use to prepare soil for the plants that will grow there so that it removes weeds

Hand Rake is Best For-

-Take out weeds or dirt whether the soil is wet or dry.
-Loose the soil.
-Collect leaves.
-Dig the hole.

Product Dimension
1.38 x 3.94 x 15.75 inches

• This rake is not only super strong and light weight  but also weatherproof, and long lasting.
• Comfortable wood handle as a result it reduces hand and wrist fatigue.
• As tine is fixed with staintess steel screw thus it does not fall easily.
• This hand rake perfectly breaks and loosen the soil into small pieces as a result the soil becomes more fertilized.
• A multiuse hand rake,not only 
pulverize the soil but also remove unwanted weed.

What are you waiting for? Get your soil loosen perfectly with the help of hand claw rake.  Just click on the product and buy this 5 tines gardener claw hand rake cultivator for all your spects of gardening.

Due to the sharp ends of this rake, to be sure that rake must away from the reach of kids as it is a little sharp at the ends.