Clean AIR Houseplant Multi-Pack Gift Collection with Eco-Friendly Rice Hull Pots (3 Plants)

2.313 kg
Collections : outdoor plants
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Brand: Josh's Frogs


  • Easy To Care For Plants
  • Removes CO2 & Other Toxins From Air
  • Planted in a Long Lasting Biodegradable Rice Hull Pot with Saucer
  • Planted in the correct Soil Mix for these types of plants
  • LIVE ARRIVAL GUARANTEE when your temps are above 20°F and below 85°F

Details: Give the gift of clean air with a 3 plant collection of beautiful houseplants that were included as part of the NASA Clean Air Study and subsequent studies. Some of the plants that could be included are Dieffenbachia, Aglaonema, Spider Plant, Dracaena, Nephrolepis exaltata fern, English Ivy, Philodendron, Pothos and many more. These plants filter the air by removing carbon dioxide and other toxins and releasing oxygen. Each plant comes in an attractive Eco-Friendly Biodegradable Rice Hull Pot and saucer that is both long lasting and safe for the environment. The pot will last up to 10 years with normal indoor use and will break down into a nutrient-rich organic matter when composted. All of the plants in the Clean Air Houseplant Multipack Gift Collection come individually wrapped in 100% recycled paper. All packing materials used are also recyclable/reusable and/or biodegradable. Makes a great housewarming gift for that eco-conscious friend. Pot size: 4.25" x 4.25". Saucer: 4.5" diameter. Clean Air Plants included in this collection will be: 1- Clean Air Tropical Plant (Upright growing) 1- Clean Air Fern 1- Clean Air Vine Live plants may vary in color, size and appearance.