Collection of The Four Best Clean Air Plants for Your Home in Four Inch Pots

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Brand: Emeritus Gardens Plants


  • All in allergy free soil. Hand packed using sterilized peat moss. LARGE PLANTS FOR BIG EFFECT.
  • Home and office: efficiency has been tied to air quality.Large plants give significant results.
  • Air quality can be improved says NASA study.Plants clean your air : add oxygen, filter toxins
  • Parlor or Areca Palm, Golden Pothos, Mother in Laws Tongue, and a Flowering Peace Lily or bright red Anthurium
  • Toxins can build up in the home and office. BIG Plants can filter these and add oxygen.

Details: Yes, you can grow your own fresh air! Large plants and low cost shipping ! All our plants are hand packed with allergy free sterilized peat moss. We now add pot trays to every order. Four big fresh air house plants will purify the air in your home or office. Shipped carefully wrapped with our own sensible replacement guarantee these plants will arrive in perfect condition. Each plant- Pothos, parlor or areca palm, snake plant(mother in laws tongue) and either a peace lily or bright red Siam Aurora are in 4 inch shipping pots. Fresh air - air free from toxins- is so important in your home and especially at work where efficiency matters - Closed buildings, both home and office can often contain more toxins than outdoor air! Toxin-free air is especially important for pregnant women and babies.We ship large plants and include care and propagation instructions to help you achieve the very best results. And all plants add beauty to your home or office- creating a relaxing and healthful environment.A perfect gift for Mom.