Complete Terrarium Kit: Succulent Planter with Soil and Glass Globe + All Supplies for Succulent, Cactus, and Fairy Garden (Glass Globe, Height 4 inches - Width 5 inches)

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Brand: TerraGreen Creations


  • Complete Kit For Succulent Planter Or Cactus Container. All you need is a Fresh Plant. Save Money From Buying Bulk Ingredients-
  • Perfect Desk Decor and Decoration. Add a Relaxing Desk Ornament to reduce stress.
  • A Great Children's Gift- and Child's Activity. Just Pick Out a Plant And Have Fun Putting it all Together.
  • Get a start on succulent and Air-plant Terrariums. Don't Buy More Supplies Than you Need.
  • Instructions Now Included! Organic Hand Made Soil Mix For succulents and Catcus. MADE IN USA.

Details: Complete Terrarium Kit: Just Need your Own Succulent or Cactus Comes with All hard to Find Ingredients That Normally Must To bought In Bulk Kit Includes: Washed Pea Gravel - Don't Buy Muddy Pea Gravel Activated Charcoal of the Highest Quality - NO DUST, Removes Toxins Organic Succulent/Cactus Soil - Handmade For Finest Quality Smooth River Rock- Mixed Lot of Exotic Shapes and Colors Bright and Colorful Sheet Moss-Add Life and Remove Moisture Kit Instructions Put Pea Gravel in Bottom of Container For Proper Drainage Add Very Small Layer of Soil - Just enough to Keep the Charcoal in Place Add Activated Charcoal - (Absorbs Toxins and Odors) Add The Rest of the Soil Place Succulents When added Soil For easiest Placement Add River Rocks for Decor Place Moss To Add Color, Absorb extra Toxins, and Moisture This Kit Makes A Great Gift For Those Who Need Awesome Desk Decor Kids who want to Learn About Plants and Terrariums- Fun Activity Mothers and Sisters Love this Kit - Add Green Energy to Any Room Succulents and Cactus are widely Available at these locations Home Depot Ikea Target Most Small Nurseries Don't Hesitate Your Satisfaction is Our Top Priority TerraGreen Creations

Package Dimensions: 6.4 x 6.3 x 4.2 inches