GENGARDEN [5 Pack] 5 Gallon Grow Bags 400G - Plant Pots with 1x Garden Spade, Heavy Duty Thickened Nonwoven Gardening Pots, Planters & Accessories, Great for Drainage & Aeration

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Brand: GenGarden

Color: Black


  • 🌿 Healthy Plants Are Happy Plants - EcoLite plant pots give your garden the freedom to grow healthier and produce fruit in record-time each season.
  • 🌿 Get a Handle on Your Garden - Perfect for indoor, outdoor, or moving with durable & reinforced handles from EcoLite plant grow bags. Rearranging your plant pots has never been easier.
  • 🌿 No More Root Rot - Too much water? No such thing. These reusable 5 gallon plant pot allow the excess out easily, holding just what your plant needs for optimal root growth, resisting insects, and disease.
  • 🌿 Stronger Than the Average Fabric Grow Pots - Sturdy, breathable potato grow bag holds 5 gallons of soil, flexible enough to endure seasonal wear-and-tear. No rips or tears, because we don’t cut corners.
  • 🌿 EcoLite 400G grow bags 5 gallon are guaranteed to last - that’s why we issue a 365 Days Warranty with no questions asked. Your purchase includes 5x plant pots, 1x garden spade ($12 value), and 10x plant labels. A bag for inside, outside, and extras to give to friends and family.

Details: 📌 Even the newest gardeners will have a Garden of the Year in their bag with these EcoLite 400G Gardening Pots, Planters & Accessories! No matter how much you struggled with your yard before, having plants that are easy to move makes a thriving garden possible for everyone. Permeable fabric pots 5 gallon for plants won’t let you over-water, and if they don’t get enough sun, it’s simple to just pick them up and move them to a spot they love. No more stressing as seasons change - they’ll stay cool in the summer, and warm in the winter.   📌 Say goodbye to plastic pots and grow beds! Great drainage and airflow allow your garden to thrive beyond your wildest dreams. Our breathable 5 gallon fabric grow pots gives you air-pruned roots and a healthier root system - which makes for incredibly happy plants that grow bigger and better than ever. You’ll have more fresh vegetables than ever before, and enough flowers to make the whole neighborhood smile.   📌 No plant too big or too small! EcoLite 5 gallon pots for plants are great for tomatoes, potatoes, cannabis, strawberries, turnips, and many more. BPA-free, built-to-last, easy-to-store, simple-to-clean design makes going green even easier. At the end of the season, don’t toss these 5 gallon fabric pots out! Run them through the washing machine, fold them up, and tuck them in your shed, your laundry room, or even your linen closet for next year - they’re ready for it.   🎁 We’re so convinced you’ll love them, we’ll throw in a stainless-steel garden spade - $12 value, absolutely free. 🎉   📦 Package Content 📦 5x Grow Bags 1x Stainless Steel Garden Spade (Accessories) 10x Plant Labels (Accessories)

Package Dimensions: 12.3 x 6.3 x 5.3 inches