Gourmet Chesnok Red Garlic Bulbs Hard Neck - 4 Bulbs - Garlic To Plant For Fall Planting - Non-GMO Organic Grown

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Brand: Garlic


  • Easy to grow and harvest
  • A great tasting healthy. Organic, Heirloom, Non-GMO
  • Good for healthy and cooking
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Details: NON-GMO. HEIRLOOM. Grow naturally without chemicals, harvest and package by our own hand with good packagewith label and intruction to plant. Approximately 4-8 cloves per bulb Early season garlic harvest! This is likely the most commonly grown variety in the U.S., large, easy to grow softneck, with a nice mild flavor and excellent storage ability. The skins are a nice off-white with a purple blush and it produces 8-10 cloves per head. Product Details Zones: 3-9 Planting Depth: Plant individual cloves with the scab end down and the pointed end up, one to two inches deep in well-worked beds. Spacing: 4" apart in same row. Place 36" between separate rows. Sun/Shade: Full Sun When to Plant:Plant 4-6 weeks before frost. Early-mid Spring. Will develop in spring. or plant in spring for mid-late summer harvest. Days to Maturity:N/A Garlic Type:Softneck Plant Height: 18-24" inches Comments: Great tasting and produces early.

Package Dimensions: 4.7 x 4.3 x 3.3 inches