Heirloom Tomato Seeds Assortment - Eight Organic and Non-GMO Varieties: Brandywine, Roma, Green Zebra, Yellow Brandywine, Three Sisters, Yellow Pear, Valencia, Principe Borghese

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Brand: Sweet Yards Seed Co.


  • FRESH SEEDS PACKAGED FOR CURRENT SEASON with germination rates of 90% or more so you know nearly every seed will give you a healthy plant full of delicious fruit.
  • USDA ORGANIC & GMO-FREE Seeds ensure that your garden and the food that it produces are all safe, healthy and all natural!
  • HEIRLOOM & OPEN POLLINATED variety produces delicious old-time flavor and also “breeds true”, meaning you can grow your own seed season after season!
  • BEAUTIFUL SEED PACKET with photos and planting instructions on the back provide you everything you need for successful growing, while also making a great gift idea!
  • GUARANTEED TO GROW – Sweet Yards Seed Co only sells fresh seeds with high germination rates. We guarantee your seeds will germinate or your money back, no questions asked within 60 days.

Details: This variety pack contains eight of the most delicious and beautiful heirloom tomato varieties around. All seeds are Certified Organic and GMO Free. Each comes in its own individual packet containing approximately 20-40 seeds! The freshest and best tasting tomatoes will always come from your own backyard. And these eight heirloom varieties are all great examples of that. All the seeds are fresh for this growing season and have germination rates of 90% or more. The variety pack contains 8 seed packets of approximately 20-40 seeds of each of the following: Pink Brandywine: Very large 1 pound fruits with an amazing pink-red color and superbly rich and smooth flavor.Yellow Brandywine: An orange/yellow version of the delicious red Brandywine. A rich flavor and beautifully intense color.Roma: Great for homemade sauces, this classic Italian plum tomato produces a huge abundance of 3 in. meaty fruits on a small bushy plant.Green Zebra: A very beautiful tomato with 3-4 oz. size and tangy flavor. Ripens to a slightly yellow color with dark green stripes.Valencia: This American heirloom produces round medium golden-orange fruits with silky smooth texture and very few seeds. They taste as good as they look!Yellow Pear: Abundant producer of juicy, small pear-shaped yellow tomatoes with a tangy taste. Produces all season long but must be picked as soon as fruit are ripe.Three Sisters: An open pollinated tomato that can grow three different forms, all with great flavor: a large saladette, a plump plum tomato, and a large fluted globe style tomato.Princinpe Borghese: With great taste, few seeds, and low water content, this Italian heirloom is well suited for sun-drying, roasting, or tomato paste.

Package Dimensions: 6.0 x 3.4 x 0.4 inches