Hosta Bumper Crop Mix | 10 Bare Root Hostas - Fabulous Color for Shady Gardens | Ships from Easy to Grow

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Brand: Easy to Grow

Color: Bumper Crop Mix


  • HARDY: Hostas are winter hardy in USDA zones 3-9, making them perfect for those gardening in cool climates.
  • SHADE-LOVING: Most Hostas thrive in the shady garden spaces many other plants will not tolerate.
  • EASY TO GROW: Beyond limiting their sun exposure and providing occasional moisture, these plants are exceptionally easy to maintain.
  • POLLINATOR-FRIENDLY: These plants gladly beckon to butterflies all summer long!
  • AUTHENTIC: A thoughtful product of Easy to Grow, an American company.

Details: *** This product arrives from our growers pre-mixed. Therefore, we are unable to provide specific hosta cultivar information and is offered solely as a general mix of color and texture variation in the garden. *** Bring a little brightness to the shady spots in your garden with a lush variety of hosta plants. Today there are more than 2,500 cultivars of these emerald delights in a vast array of different sizes, textures, leaf shapes, and colors. With such variety, it's no wonder hostas are a perennial favorite among so many gardeners! Delicate blooms atop the hostas bring in the hummingbirds while the rich, green foliage creates a wonderful garden display. Enjoy a mixture of 10 beautiful bare root hosta plants in varying sizes and green shades, tinged with gold or blue, which are sure to add an extra exciting element to your garden! Includes variegated varieties. Wonderful for filling up empty spaces in the garden. This incredible deal is brought to you by a farmer acquaintance of ours who has had a bumper crop yield of his best hosta plants. Enjoy!