INNO STAGE Gardening Tools Set and Organizer Tote Bag with 10 Piece Garden Tools,Best Garden Gift Set,Vegetable Gardening Hand Tools Kit Bag with Garden Digging Claw Gardening Gloves-Blue

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Color: Blue


  • 【Heavy Duty Tools and Top Quality Accessories】 Made from Top Quality No rusting Aluminum. Gardening work gloves with hard ABS claws, easy to dig and plant, protecting hands against rose thorns/shrubs/undergrowth and any other painful scrapes the garden may cause.
  • 【Garden Organizer Tote Bag】With size 11"x5.9"x15.7", is made from waterproof heavy duty fabric, firm & durable. All 10 pockets, enough compartments for all your hand tools. A special elastic design upon the front and back side pockets can help you fasten the tools.
  • 【All in One Garden Tools Kit Includs】①Trowel; ②Grass Fork; ③Transplanter; ④Rake; ⑤Cultivator; ⑥Pruning Shears; ⑦Plastic garden sprayer; ⑧Digging Claw Gardening Gloves; ⑨Tote bag; ⑩98ft(30m)Plastic coated binding wire.
  • 【Functional Hand Tools Set】● Solid polished heads, shiny, smooth, rust-proof and extremely sturdy. ● Ergonomic soft-grip handles, reduce hand and wrist strain. ● Hanging holes for clutter-free storage. ● For kinds of works including pruning branches, digging, loosening soil, transplanting, aerating and more.
  • 【Warm Purpose】This gorgeous garden tools set bag makes a perfect present for wedding, housewarming, birthdays, Fathers's Day, Mother's Day, Thanksgiving Day or Christmas and other holidays. Top gift to parents,gardening hobbist and any friends. But it's not a toy for kids.

Details: Innostage Garden Tools Set--Gardening helper, let your garden flowers in full bloom! KIT INCLUDING Garden Tote Bag Size: 11"x5.9"x15.7" Usage: Multiple pockets, great to store and secure different kinds of tools. Plastic Flower Mister Usage: Light weight and practical to mistering your flowers and vegetables. Snippers Size: 8.3"X2.8" Weight: 8.75oz Usage: Trimming & cutting grass around plants. Transplanting Spade Size: 12.6"X3.0" Weight: 6.25oz Usage: Transplant small plants & flower. Hand Rake Size: 12.6"X3.0" Weight: 7.5oz Usage: Smoothing soil, breaking up lumps of dirt. Trowel Size: 12.6"X2.2" Weigh: 5.89oz Usage: Digging or turning up soil, includes measurement indicators for depth. Grass Fork Size: 12.6"X1.6" Weight: 6.6oz Usage: Loosening & digging up grass from soil. Cultivator Size: 12.0"X3.0" Weight: 6.6oz Usage: Loosening & aerating soil before planting, mixing soil with fertilizer. KIT FEATURES ● The storage tote bag is durableand convenient for washing and carrying with tight stitching, no rip/split. ● Good gardening partner hand tools are perfect for all your garden needs, excellent ergonomic design of handles & anti-slip performance is comfortable and reduce hand & arm fatigue. ● Perfect gardening gifts to old person for indoor bonsai, planters or small Garden.

Package Dimensions: 14.5 x 11.1 x 3.9 inches