KWIK EDGE Tool & Mini Duo - Garden Edger Weeder - Soil Cultivator - Hoe Long Handle Grass Flower Backyard Gardening Tool

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Color: Kwik Edge Duo


  • 🌻 [GET THE MOST FROM YOUR KWIK EDGE]: The Kwik Edge tool is designed to maintain the flower bed border by keeping grass from creeping in, NOT to create the edge. The curved back directs the soil back into the flower bed – KWIK EDGE Mini lets you enjoy the benefits of a regular hoe, but with greater precision and ease
  • 🌻 [MAINTENANCE TOOL]: Designed to keep grass from encroaching into the flower bed. The vertical and horizontal blade cuts invading grassroots. Cultivates and grooms the soil into the bed; does not cut overhanging grass blades – KWIK EDGE Mini superior weeding-cultivation in mature plant beds and hard to reach areas - precision cultivating where other tools cannot go! Weeding and garden cultivation made easy!
  • 🌻 [HOW TO USE]: Use a half-moon and/or conventional shovel to remove sod to the desired size and shape of the bed (the Kwik Edge tool is not recommended for creating the edge). Use the Kwik Edge tool to clean and cultivate the border. Most effective when soil is slightly dry, so roots and soil do not hang up on the blade. In heavy clay soil add sand and other amendments to loosen the soil – KWIK EDGE Mini small profile tool head fits easily in heavily populated flower beds
  • 🌻 [EASE OF USE]: In one smooth motion the KWIK EDGE turns yard work into gardening and leaves flower beds looking like they have been professionally manicured. Repeated use of the Kwik Edge tool conditions the soil as it turns, and mixes added amendments making every use easier than the last – KWIK EDGE Mini eliminates most hand weeding, kneeling and bending when conventional hoes become too large for plantings - up close weeding and soil prep
  • 🌻 [100% MONEY BACK GUARANTEE]: Buy with confidence knowing that if you are not 100% satisfied, we will refund your money.

Details: The Kwik Edge Will help you have a beautifully manicured edge for your flower beds. The spreading growth habit of grass is a perennial problem easily managed with the KWIK EDGE. The vertical and horizontal blade cuts the invading grassroots and the back side of the tool, slightly curved away from the grass, directs the soil back into the bed. The KWIK EDGE is also useful where a flower bed is bordered by concrete, pavers, or other solid materials. It cuts away grass and weeds hugging the hard surface and directs the soil into the bed leaving a clean uniform drip edge. The Kwik Edge Mini and Buddy Are multi-purpose garden tools for the entire growing season. Cultivate your flowers beds, prep your seed rows, create small water trenches and mix soil around shrubs and beds with ease. Whether you’re a serious gardener or a novice, the Kwik Edge Mini and Buddy will be your best friend in the garden. Precision cultivating where other tools cannot go! Weeding and garden cultivation made easy!