Mandy's 28pcs Multicolor Artificial Latex Tulips for Party Home Wedding Decoration

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28pcs Multicolor Tulips Artificial Flowers

Brand: Mandy's

Color: Multi Color


  • The flower is made of high-quality PU generally. While the stem is made of steel wire inside and wrapped in plastic outside. Full height: 14 inches/36cm; Flower head diameter: 1.4 inches/3.6 cm
  • Package: 28 pcs tulips per pack.(including 5pcs red, 5pcs white, 5pcs dark purple, 5pcs lavender, 4pcs yellow, 4pcs sunset). It’s easy to adjust the height of the flowers. Just cut the stem by cutting pliers, or bend it by your hand.
  • It looks real, one of our clients, a botanist, he wouldn't believe they're artificial tulips. Therefore artificial flower is the best choice if people may be allergic to flowers.
  • Applicable for home, office, shop, party, festival, celebration, garden, centerpiece, hotel, as well as wedding party, etc.
  • To avoid direct sunshine for the white Poly urethane flowers, since it is easy to oxidize and yellowing.
  • There may be some smell due to the sealed packaging. after receiving the flowers please put them in a good ventilation room for about 3-5 days.

Binding: Kitchen

Artificial Flowers Details:


1.  Tulip language: Reputation, Perfection and love, Passionate love.  

2.  Description:

**Size: Full height: 14"/35.56cm; Flower head diameter: 1.4"/3.6 cm

**Material: The flower is made of high-quality PU (Polyurethane) while the Stem is made of steel wire inside and plastic outside.

**Package: Each package has 30 pcs of multicolored tulips. They are 5pcs orange, 5pcs yellow, 5pcs red, 5pcs white, and 5pcs lavender, as well as 5pcs deep purple.   

3.  Artificial flower characteristics:

**Lifelike artificial flower keeps beautiful and fresh-looking for a long time

**In order to meet the different sizes of vases, just bending or cutting the stem to adjust the flowers height.


1.     No worry for slight deformation at the flowers and leaves during the transportation, just straight it manually then just put into the vase, it will recover to normal shape only couple days later.

2.     To avoid direct sunshine for the white Poly urethane flowers, since it is easy to oxidize and yellowing.


1. The PU artificial flower is easy to maintain so far. It would accumulate dust if you put in a place for very long time. Therefore we suggest you wash it by clean water or sweep it by wet wipes.

2. Slight deformation at flowers or leaves due to normal extrusion in daily use may recover easily by simple manual adjustment.

SATISFACTION GUARANTEE - If you are not satisfied with the flowers or any other problems,  please do not hesitate to send us an email and we will provide the response as fast as we can.

PLEASE NOTE-Welcome asking for a wholesale price if you want to buy more of them.Please feel free to contact with us about the products or service. Happy every day!

Package Dimensions: 14.1 x 8.4 x 7.6 inches