Mimosa pudica, Fairy Sensitive Plant, 3" (2.6x3.5")

Collections : outdoor plants
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Brand: Winter Greenhouse

Color: pink


  • Miniature Plants, Flowering, Houseplants; Requires Sun - Partial Shade
  • Container Size: 3" (2.6x3.5"); 8.00in High, 7.00in High On Delivery, Spreads 8.00in
  • 60 Days Return Window from Delivery

Details: This plant will bring hours of fun to kids of any age. The Sensitive Plant closes when you touch its leaves. Be gentle! The dainty leaflets open in the daylight. When touched, they will collapse downward. Just give them an hour or so. Then they'll open upwards again. As plants mature, they form small pink puffs of flowers, adding an extra benefit to this unique species. In the winter season plant may drop some leaves during transit. This plant is especially well suited in the creation of a miniature garden or fairy garden. Note: Any accessories pictured are not included, for illustrative purposes only.