Professional Garden Shears - 8" Pruning Shears by Mr. Pen

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Pruning Shears 8 Inches

Brand: Mr. Pen


  • 8-Inch Gardening Shears With Ergonomically Designed Non-Slip Handles, Strong, Lightweight, And Comfortable
  • Quality Pruning Shears Come With Precision-Sharpened Blades Ideal For Cutting Stems And Light Branches
  • Safe And Secure Sideways Locking Mechanism That Keeps Your Blades Protected And Closed When Not In Use
  • Easily Get Between Plants To "Clip And Snip" Only The Area Or Part That You Want To Cut With One-Hand And Without Damaging The Other Stems
  • Can Cut Up To 3/4" Diameter Size Tree Branches Depending On The Tree Species

For all your garden trimming and pruning needs, Mr. Pen's 8" Professional Pruning Shears are the ideal tool. Made from high-quality stainless steel blades, these lightweight yet durable shears will give you a clean and precise cut every time.

Thanks to their ergonomic design, they are easy and comfortable to use, making them perfect for trimming and pruning trees, bushes, and other shrubs in your garden.

Package Dimensions: 10.6 x 3.5 x 1.1 inches