Pink Nerve Plant (Fittonia) for Fairy Gardens and Terrariums - 2.5" Pot

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Pink Nerve Plant Fittonia



  • Easy to grow house plant
  • Keep evenly moist, not wet or dry
  • Prefers bright, indirect light
  • Trim as needed
  • The plant you will receive is growing in a 2.5" pot


The Nerve Plant is an easy-to-grow house plant requiring only bright, indirect light. It also grows well in terrariums. Keep the soil moist... but never soggy. Feed monthly if the plant is actively growing... bi-monthly when resting. Trim as needed.

The Pink Nerve Plant (Fittonia) is a stunning houseplant thats perfect for terrariums, fairy gardens, and any indoor space. This beautiful species of plant has glossy green foliage mottled with pink veins that add a unique pop of color and texture to any living space.

Water this low-maintenance plant once a week and place it in its permanent home in a 2.5 pot to add some color and texture to your living space with the Pink Nerve Plant Fittonia! Add some color and texture to your living space with the Pink Nerve Plant Fittonia!

It does best in low to medium indirect light and only needs to be watered about once a week. The Pink Nerve Plant comes in a 2.5 pot so its ready to be placed in its permanent home.

Whether youre creating your own terrarium or fairy garden, or just looking for a splash of color in your home, the Pink Nerve Plant is the perfect addition