PRETMANNS Fairy Garden Fairies Accessories – 4 Fairies for an Outdoor Fairy Garden - Supplies for Fairy Garden Decorations 7 Piece Kit

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  • FAIRY GARDEN FAIRIES: The fairy garden miniatures Ella, Emily, Aria, and the boy fairy Lucas are uniquely crafted with outstanding detail. Their vibrant colors will bring life to any fairy garden and will add a touch of magic. The Stump is decorated with pretty flowers and will go perfectly with any Fairy Garden House.
  • FAIRY GARDEN ACCESSORIES OUTDOOR: A colorful designed fairy garden kit for girls and perfect for a shady spot in a garden or on a veranda.
  • FAIRY GARDEN KIT: hese fairy garden decorations are made from a durable resin and the fairy garden miniatures are hand painted. These fairy garden pieces will go great with any fairy garden house or combine them with other fairy figurines.
  • FAIRY FOR FAIRY GARDEN: These garden fairies is a perfect gift for someone special of any age. It is ideal for Birthdays, Mother’s Day, Easter Holidays and Christmas or simply to spoil someone special.
  • PRETMANNS is a family-owned business and we strive to bring you exciting fairy products and great service! All our Fairy Garden supplies are carefully packed in a specially cut out Styrofoam container to protect each item.

Binding: Lawn & Patio


Fairy Flower Stump Kit

The Garden Fairies are uniquely crafted with outstanding detail and vibrant colors. The Flower Stump is decorated with pretty little flowers.

This Flower Stump set is ideal for indoor or outdoor use and would make an awesome gift for anyone, big or small.

Tips: How to care for your fairy garden products:

All items are hand-painted with UV resistant paint and it is recommended not to leave the resin products in direct sunlight for extended periods of time as continuous direct sunlight may cause the items to fade. Polyurethane spray can be used to protect the paint from fading should the items be exposed to direct sunlight.

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Package Dimensions: 8.6 x 7.8 x 3.8 inches