Purple Amethyst Crystal Quartz with 1 Air Plant Tillandsia/Terrarium/Fairy Garden/Great Gift/Small Healing Garden

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Brand: Bliss Gardens


  • Beautiful purple Amethyst crystal quartz (1 - 2" wide) makes a nice pair with the lovely air plant!
  • Makes a great gift! Comes packaged in a kraft gift box.
  • Air plants require no soil and need to be watered once a week. Care instructions are included.
  • Add a touch of life to your desk or use as a paperweight.
  • Fast shipping! Heat pack included to cold regions

Details: This is so simple yet so stunning. Air plants are beautiful creatures to watch grow and the amethyst is a beautiful piece of geology as is. Simply water 1x a week and find a bright indirect location. Grows well in bright office light also. Air Plants do not require soil. They are epiphytes that only get their water and nutrients through their leaves. Here is what you will get: 1- Amethyst Crystal Quartz 1"-2" (each one is unique and color will range from light to dark purple), 1- Air Plant, 1- Air plant care sheet. Your Amethyst with air plants will be one of a kind and may not exactly resemble the one in the photographs but without a doubt it will be as beautiful. The air plant is temporarily attached to the Amethyst with a dab of special clear plant glue. Over time they do grow anchor roots which has the sole purpose of attaching itself to things such as wood and rocks. GIVING THIS ITEM AS A GIFT? Please include a message in your check out to have it included on a gift receipt.

Package Dimensions: 3.8 x 3.1 x 3.1 inches