Richoose Vertical Hanging Garden Planter with 7 Pockets, New Upgrade Waterproof Wall Mount Planter Pouch Solution

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Brand: Richoose

Color: Black


  • WELL DONE HOLDER: Back waterproof layer effectively protects the wall without any stains,and the leakproof design of bottom makes your ground is not in dirty.
  • MATERIAL: Hanging garden pockets were made of Felt Cloth that is a high-quality environmental protection materials.Practically,this growing bag can make a great environment for your plants,such as herbs, strawberries, flowers, vegetables and so on.
  • ADVANCED TECHNOLOGY:Although the planting bag is waterproof, it is also breathable. When the plant has enough moisture, the bag will automatically ooze excess water to maintain a comfortable growth environment.Sturdy and corrosion-resistant, the decorative planting pockets are really suitable for hanging anywhere, your room, living room, kitchen, garden, loft and more.
  • GREAT DECORATIONS: Yards, fences, apartments, balconies, courtyards, campuses, communities and roof gardens, any place you want to change, you can hang up our home vertical planting bags and will definitely make your surprise. When winter comes, washing him up and putting him indoors will also make a perfect storage bag.
  • PERFECT SIZE:In order to accommodate more soil, our producers have widened the pockets. Upgraded waterproof design allows you to not only use it outdoors, but also beautifully decorates your interior.Expectantly,we are looking forward to your purchase, and we will do our best to solve any after-sales problems for you.

Details: Additional note: Based on feedback of customer, the first generation of products have the following problems: -The soil capacity is small. -The wall is destroyed because the back has water seepage. -There is no waterproof design at the bottom and cannot be used indoors. New design Upgrades: Larger capacity: We redesign the fruits growing pockets and increase the capacity of the soil by 30% to make you having a wonderful planting experience. Anti-infiltration: Add a waterproof layer to your back to protect your walls from damage while increasing moisture retention time. Leakproof Design: Wiht the waterproof pocket at the bottom so that when you use it indoors making the ground clean as ever. Universal decoration:Depending on your needs, wall planting bags can be hung anywhere you want,for example: kitchen, apartments, balconies, patios, gates, terraces, schoolyards and community and rooftop gardens. Special Tips: - When used outdoors:If the water drys out fastly,please placing the plants in a plastic bag or lining the rows with plastic to keep the water where you place it. - If the weather is very hot, when the plant is still in the seedling period. Please don't expose the planter to the sun for a long time.

Package Dimensions: 13.1 x 10.7 x 2.4 inches