The Basic Garden Tool, BGT/Regular Length - for People 5'3" to 5'11.""

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Brand: Basic GardenTool-Regular/BGT tm

Color: Lime Green


  • 100% USA American Made - Lifetime Warranty, with a 90/Probation for Refund! 4/Handle Lengths Now Available
  • The BGT is a Multipurpose Tool that makes Weeding, Hoeing, Trenching, Digging, and Working in Your Yard or Garden Faster and Easier! The Balanced Design requires less Energy!
  • The Beveled-Edge Tip, and Saw Tooth Front/Back Edges Cut Through Plant Material Like Nothing Else Available. The Beveled Tip, is designed to be Sharpened like an Axe, using a "Flat-Bastard File".
  • Northwest Hardwood Ergonomic Balanced Hand Lathed Handle....Each Handle is dipped in Natural Linseed-Oil, and air dried. Before finished with Steel-wool, and rubbed with a Linseed cloth before packaging.
  • 1075 Carbon Spring Steel. Tempered for 4 hours so it always keeps its shape. All Packaging is Bio-degradable and recyclable!

Details: for someone 5'-4"/5'-11". Check out other Handle sizes... ... Short for Height of: 5'-1/5'-3". ... Long for Height of: 5'-11" /6'-1". ... X-Long for Height of: 6'-2" Plus...[ on Amazon .] Hand Turned ... Hand Sanded... HAND MADE!

Package Dimensions: 61.0 x 7.0 x 2.0 inches