Tillandsia - The Drunken Gnome Air Plants Stricta Hard 1 Pack – A Perfect Corporate Gift for Home and Office.

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Tillandsia air plants

Brand: TDG Pro


  • 1 Stricta Hard tillandsia air plants are exotic, low maintenance, fast-growing, flowering plants. It can be kept indoors or outside and are the perfect addition to your home, garden, or office space. 
  • We deliver air plants from the greenhouse to you in 7 days or less! Fast FREE Shipping is included with every order!
  • The more you buy the more you save! Use air plants for all types of DIY crafting projects, party favors, wedding bouquets, interior decorating, and more! Additionally! We offer quantities and discounts perfect for every application! Be sure to check out all of our 30+ air plant varieties for sale!
  • Every order comes individually packaged in beautiful, bright colored tissue paper. It comes  with a simple care guide and sealed with a Drunken Gnome sticker.
  • Perfect for corporate office gifts, birthday presents, holiday gift baskets, college student gifts or simply treat yourself and add them to your plant collection! We know you’ll love them!

Plant Size: Approximately 4-6"

Binding: Grocery

Tillandsia Air plants Details:

Tillandsia, commonly known as Air Plants, is an adaptive and hardy plant species that require no soil and absorb all of their water and nutrients through its leaves.

, they are fun and easy to care for, making them a popular choice for both indoor and outdoor spaces. Furthermore, air plants are great air-purifying plants that can help to filter and clean the air around you.

, The Drunken Gnome offers air plant packs with a variety of different species, making it easy to choose the perfect selection. Each pack also includes a simple care guide and attractive gift packaging, creating a great gift for any special someone.

Lastly, with proper TLC and watering, air plants will quickly change colors, bloom, flower and reproduce new baby plants, called pups!