WDERNI Lawn Aerator Shoes, [2021 New Version] Lawn Aerator Sandal with 3 Adjustable Straps and Heavy Duty Metal Buckles, One Size Fits All - Heavy Duty Spiked Sandals for Aerating Your Lawn or Yard

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Color: Black+Green


  • 🌿【WDERNI Lawn Aerator Shoes】The latest Lawn Aerator Sandals. We have added extra heel straps (the effect is better than elastic straps), which can fix the shoes on the heels to maximize stability and save you more energy. Increases water and nutrient penetration for deeper roots and a greener, healthier.
  • 🌿【Excellent Design】 Our aerators are made up of a sturdy plastic base which provides a good heel support. Durable PP sheet and 26pcs ultra sharp long stainless steel nails (5cm / 2 inch), strong metal buckle and 3 adjustable nylon straps (the nylon strap can be cut as needed) Durable PP board with anti corrosive metal nails, lightweight.
  • 🌿【Convenient Installation】Aerator shoe yard tools also come with a FREE small wrench to make the installation extremely easy. Once installed the lawn aeration shoes can be strapped over any of your strong shoes, making you ready even for the most difficult to reach areas of your lawn.
  • 🌿【Lush and Healthy】 Help your lawn or garden thrive with aerator shoes! By piercing tiny holes, your aerating shoes enrich soil with nutrients, create verdant shoots, and reduce dead thatch. Plus, the anti-slip pads prevent slippage when the grass is wet.
  • 🌿【Relaxed Gardening Life】The shoes stay firmly on your feet and the sharp nails make it easy to dig the soil for effective core aeration. Penetrate soil and grass roots easily and deeply, make your gardening life much easier.

Details: YOUR PROFESSIONAL GARDEN HELPER Our lawn aerator shoes using industrial-grade materials. At the same time 2 inches length of nail can support fast and easy lawn aeration, helping grass absorb water, nutrients and air from the deep roots to make your lawn greener and healthier. LAWN AERATOR SPIKE SHOES A lush and verdant lawn needs the right amount of air and water penetration to allow essential nutrients to enter the soil, and fortify the grass roots. The Lawn Aerator Spike Shoes assists in breaking up compact soil to promote unobstructed air flow and water absorption, thus yeilding a stronger, healthier, lawn. BENEFITS: -Heavy Duty Design -One size fits all -Efficient aeration without the need of any professional service -Cost effective alternative to machine aeration -Anticorrosive and durable, for lasting use -Ultra sharp nails easily penetrate soil and require comparatively less effort to use PRECAUTIONS: 1. Suggest to wear boots to aerate your lawn. 2. Please make sure to tuck the extra length of straps into your shoes or under other straps or you'll trip on them or impale them. 3. Water the yard the night before for best aeration in order a better result. 4. Not recommended that you walk on other surfaces in these shoes such as concrete or Cement. WHAT IS IN THE PACKAGE? 2* Aerator Shoes 6*Straps 26*spikes & 28*nuts & 1*wrench 1*User Manual

Package Dimensions: 12.8 x 5.7 x 2.0 inches