Zen Garden Sand Set for Desk with 3 Essential Garden Tools, 2 Types of Rocks, Zen Sand, Incense Burner & Garden Accessories

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Zen Garden Sand Set for Desk with 3 Essential Japanese Garden Tools

Brand: ActiveBliss

Color: Black

Shape: Conical

Material: Wood

Product Dimensions: 8.4"L x 6.85"W x 0.5"Th

Binding: Health and Beauty



  • 11 ESSENTIAL TOOLS and ACCESSORIES: Everything you need for a perfect Desktop Zen Garden
  • GREAT VALUE: 3 essential Japanese garden tools (zen rake, sand pen, and brush), 1 incense holder, 1 miniature plant, 2 miniature fishes, zen sand, and river rocks, as well as a solid wooden base (8.5 x 7 in)
  • VERSATILE & CREATIVE DESK TOY: Sandbox together with 3 compartments and fairy garden accessories provide endless fun with patterns, arrangements, and designs
  • BEAUTIFUL TABLE TOP ZEN DECOR: On the office desk, kitchen table, corner desk, tabletop, coffee table
  • PERFECT GIFT BOX: for family, friends, colleagues, clients, & of course for all occasions


Zen Garden Sand Set for Desk

Zen garden sand is a naturally colored sand that is so smooth you’ll find yourself more relaxed and in touch with yourself and nature, because this is direct from the desert. Without doubt this sand has no dust to upset your allergies or asthma and no dirt. Our all-natural sand takes nature eons to make.

Zen sands and gravel use dyes and chemicals so far to color their sand and pulverize rocks which leads to dusty, dirty, and coarse sand and gravel.


1. Zen rake
2. Zen sand pen
3. Zen sand brush
4. Incense burner (for incense cone)
5. Faux plant
6. Miniature fish
7. Miniature fish
8. Zen garden sand
9. River rocks (assorted)
10. River rocks (dark)
11. Solid wooden base with 3 compartments (8.5 x 7 in)

1. Stress relief & anxiety relief
2. Increase discipline, focus & mindfulness
3. Express Creativity
4. Create beauty and serenity at home as well as in the office
5. Provide conversation and entertainment for clients or guests

It is also a therapeutic sand tray for kids and stressed kids or distracted adults.

This mini sandbox so far can be turned into
- a zen rock garden or the Japanese zen garden,
- a fairy garden,
- a meditation garden as well as
- a thematic miniature garden.

It looks even more beautiful on conference tables, office tables, art desks, meeting rooms, schools, desk toys, and table décor.

Finally A thoughtful gift for all occasions

Experience hours of delight together with these lovely Japanese garden tools.
Entertain guests as well as clients with this desktop zen garden sand.
Improve your decor and Fengshui with essential garden tools.

Package Dimensions: 10.5 x 7.5 x 1.9 inches