It is a fairly common perception that plants cannot grow, let alone thrive, without
light. While light is a general requirement for the growth and development of
plants, the degree of exposure or need for exposure differs from plant to plant. It
is not unusual for plants to grow in dark or low-light places; even in the wild,
plants grow under canopies of the forest.

There are many plants that do well in low-light conditions, but here three 3 of the
best plants for dark rooms:

Chinese Evergreen: They do not only thrive in low-light areas but are also
drought resistant. With their bright colors of green, yellow, red, and pink,
they bring some color to brighten up a room.

Philodendron: The philodendron is an excellent houseplant that grows all
year round. It also does not require much maintenance and can withstand
harsh conditions. grows all year round.

ZZ Plant: If you want a plant resilient and perfect for dark areas, it doesn't
get much better than Zamioculcas zamiifolia. It is practically
indestructible. It can withstand dry conditions and a long period of

Adding plants is a great way to add cheerfulness and style to a room. It is usually
a difficult task for dark rooms, especially north-facing rooms. Thankfully, these
plants are a solution to this head-scratcher and bring all the added benefits of
spicing a room with color and texture to the dark ones. They are usually low
maintenance and perfect for new plant parents.

ZZ Zanzibar Gem Live Plant
Aloe Vera Live Indoor House Plant
Ponytail Palm Single Trunk Live Plant

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