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Celebrating a New baby and Motherhood

Today’s the day!  Someone just had a baby! And you can’t wait to tell that person how excited you are for them! But what do you send them? You can’t just send a note or a letter?!
So do you send balloons? Do you send a teddy bear? You could but then there’s the pressure of did you send the right teddy bear. How about a nice congratulatory cake? But what if they don’t want cake? So much to contemplate! So, what do you do? You send a lovely bouquet of fresh flowers to their home!

Why send flowers?

Flowers are always such a sentimental touch during this time. The parents are tired after the delivery of the baby and now their life has changed forever, for the better.  They have just strengthened the bond behind their relationship by now adding an addition to their family.  Those flowers will give the parents that little boost of encouragement and joy to start every day refreshed and with a smile on their faces as they become accustomed to parenthood.

What do you write on the card?

There’s always a lot of pressure to write the perfect thing.  You want to always remember that the parents need your support and love during this time so any encouraging words will be appreciated.  Some examples are down below:

“Congratulations! We can’t wait to see the little one!”

“I’m so excited for you guys to embark on this lifelong journey together!”

“You guys must be glowing right now, and I just want you to know that you always have us.   We’re only a text or a call away.  We love you! “

So now the big question. What type of flowers to send?

You can base this on either the baby’s gender or what the new mom likes. If it’s a baby girl, any flowers with a shade of pastel, mainly pinks and purples would be ideal. 
For a baby boy, you could have shades of blue or yellow or a combination of the two. Typical flowers with these color patterns are carnations, lilies, tulips, or roses.  
If you know what type of flowers the new mom likes, you can incorporate those as well or even send another small bunch to her during this time to show how much you care for her.

Having a baby is always an exciting time in someone’s life so why not celebrate it with the sweet sentiment of beautifully arranged flowers.

Flowers can reduce stress, anxiety, and pain. So that will be a great idea to offer fresh flowers to the newly become mom and cheer the moment.


By Krystal Ramsaran

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