Creating a Bouquet

Creating a Bouquet for Any Occasion: An Introduction


What are some different bouquet styles?

There’s a bouquet style for everyone and for every kind of event! You can generally separate bouquets into two separate groups - presentation bouquets, which you often see given to winners and runners-up or performers, and hand-held bouquets, which are what you usually picture when you think of weddings. Presentation bouquets tend to run along the same lines,

but hand-held bouquets carry a much wider range in design and size! Several of the more popular and most commonly used forms of hand-held are hand-tied bouquets, cascade bouquets, and round bouquets.

What materials are need?

To craft any kind of bouquet, you need a sharp pair of floral snips or a floral knife, rubber-bands, and a bucket with water - as well as your flowers and greens! Here’s a nice assortment of roses to get you to start:

Other materials depend on what you’re going for and what you’re working with. For example, a presentation bouquet is often wrappe in tissue paper and/or cellophane, and you might want a ribbon or burlap to wrap stems in. Do you need some floral wire or floral tape to help shape or reinforce some stems? Hot glue nicely secures slippery fabrics like satin, and if you like a more contemporary look, you can also feature unique accessories like buttons or wire or jewels. Bouquet holders can be useful, particularly when you’re building more complicated designs or are new to floral arranging:

What are some basic guidelines for forming a bouquet?

To form any bouquet, you need to first prep your flowers and greenery. Strip all foliage that won’t be seen off the stems, and de-thorn if you need to - no one likes getting stabbed. Keep any items you aren’t immediately working within water to help keep them in good condition.

Another general rule is to work with the natural direction of your materials. If your flowers and greens are incline to bend a certain way, it’s much easier to incorporate that natural flow than it is to fight against it. In a pinch, some manual shaping can be done with floral wire on sturdier stems. Creating a Bouquet of nice flowers.

Once you have your bouquet put together, remember to trim all stems to the same length!

Bridal Wedding Bouquet
Fresh Cut Flowers Bouquet

By Heather Atkin

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