Hydroponic Gardens

Indoor Hydroponic Gardens

Hydroponic Gardens- We all know that crisp lettuce and aromatic herbs can take any meal from just good to great. As such, garden fresh produce will always be welcome at the dinner table. 

But many people don’t have the yard space (or a yard at all) in which to invest in a productive and rewarding garden. No worries, hydroponic gardens are a simple alternative to grow fresh produce in your third story apartment, one-room studio, or shade filled house.

What is a Hydroponic Garden?

A hydroponic garden is a soil free, indoor alternative to growing fresh produce. It’s system works through a mix of air, water, liquid plant food, and a LED growing light. It allows for a clean and neat way to grow healthy and nutritious food in any space. In fact, you can even grow hydroponic plants in your closet!

Benefits of a Hydroponic Garden

Growing an indoor hydroponic garden has a number of benefits:

-All plants can be grown without soil using. so This is ideal for busy families wanting to avoid indoor messes with young children or pets.

-These gardens allow for yearlong harvesting of fresh produce. Grow a diverse range of lettuces, tomatoes, and culinary herbs from seed for delicious food in every season.

-Hydoponic gardens are herbicide free. No need to worry about pests or spraying chemicals with this aquatic based system.

Getting Started

If you are convince that growing a hassle-free hydroponic garden is ideal for you and your household, you’ll love this next best feature: household hydroponic gardns are incredibly economical.

In fact, NBU Flowers offers complete set-ups from the Aerogarden brand and Vegebox at very reasonable prices. Better yet, the Aerogarden brand also offers sets of nine herb seed pods, with the power of Miracle Grow, for just $14.

Don’t hesitate, get to growing and fill your plate with home-grown produce!
White Harvest Indoor Hydroponic Garden


By Olivia Turner

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