VIVOSUN Plant Stands for Indoor & Outdoor Plants - 6 Wood Shelves with 10 Pots & Tiered Plant Shelf for Garden, Lawn, Patio, Bathroom, Office, Living Room, Balcony

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Wood Plant Stand (Indoor & Outdoor)


Color: 10 Pots


  • This wood plant stand is made of natural fir wood that has a smooth surface and a stable structure. Natural fir wood prevents moisture from damaging the frame; the Frame is durable and sturdy and won’t fall or collapse.
  • Made of 6 wooden shelves that can accommodate 10 flower pots, perfect for decorating your home.
  • This vertical, staggered design offers enough space for different kinds of plants so all plant life can thrive.
  • You can assemble it successfully by tightening the screws with a tool.
  • Use this shelving for books, décor, plants, flowers, towels, toys, knickknacks or collectibles. Add it to your patio, kitchen, entryway, side yard, bathroom, or bedroom.


Bring nature into your home with VIVOSUN Plant Stands. This stand features 6 wood shelves and 10 pots, making it perfect for storing, displaying, and organizing your favorite plants.

Moreover, it's for a garden, lawn, patio, bathroom, office, living room, or balcony, this tiered plant shelf will help you create a stunning and vibrant atmosphere.

Add life and color to any indoor or outdoor space with VIVOSUN Plant Stands. Finally, this stand can be used to store, display and organize your favorite plants.

Great for any garden, lawn, patio, bathroom, office, living room as well as balcony, this tiered plant shelf will help you easily bring the beauty of nature into your home. Made of sturdy, reliable materials, it is durable and designed to last, allowing you to enjoy your plants for years to come.

Package Dimensions: 39.1 x 11.2 x 5.0 inches