12 Stems - Fresh Cut Tinted Green Roses from Flower Explosion

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12 Stem Fresh Cut Roses, Tinted Green Rose Flower

Brand: Flower Explosion


  • Flower Explosion hand-cut green-tinted roses are our unique stunning creation.
  • A white rose is cut and dipped in an organic plant-extract dye that is absorbed by the stem and permeating the bloom--creating a unique green look
  • Cut roses are shipped directly from our farms to your door via state-of-the-art cold storage
  • This floral arrangement is the perfect gift to send or to keep for yourself
  • If the flowers don't arrive as beautiful as you expect then we will issue a refund immediately. That's how confident we are.

Binding: Grocery

Details: Did you know that green rose flower you buy from your local florist and leading flower delivery services are more than 11-14 days old?

Yeah, we know... At Flower Explosion, our flowers arrive at your door only 3-4 days after the first cut which is the quickest lead time in the industry. No middlemen to waste precious time and money.

You deserve the freshest flowers at the lowest price. At Flower Explosion, we source our flowers from our farms. The firm is located on the foothills of the Cotapaxi volcano where the best, biggest, and, fullest roses in the world are growing.

Finally, The flowers arrive fresh and ready to display and are approximately 18 inches long. This green rose flower is stunning looking therefore it will make the perfect addition to your home. Make sure to check out our other flowers too only by Flower Explosion.