15 Pack plastic flower pots, 6 inches plant pots with Drainage Hole and Tray

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15 Pack plastic flower pots

Our high-quality flower pots improve not only the efficiency of your gardening work

but also the enjoyment of staying indoors and outdoors.


The benefit of Plastic flowers pots  

  • The saucer is free standing 

    If you want to hang it you can hang it with something or you can put it somewhere but The pots are Made in China. 
  • protect the material from temperature

    You can use the plastic flower pots on the balcony, window, in the house, garden, yard, and more.Because Household types are less durable than outdoor ones since it is important to-protect the material from temperature extremes and sunlight. 
  • Safe and durable

    Plastic flower pots provide a safe and durable home for your flowers, herbs, seedlings, and other plants. The built-in drainage holes help regulate the amount of water your plants receive, while the lightweight plastic material makes them easy to move and rearrange as needed.
  • Resistant to weathering

    They are also resistant to weathering and will last for years in both indoor and outdoor settings. With the 15-pack of Plant Pots from Zoutog, you have an ideal solution that is sure to bring style and color to any space!
  • Super Lightweight 

    Sturdy polypropylene makes these classy planters stand a good deal of wear and tear,
  • Decorate your house

    Can be used to decorate your windowsill, desktop, shelf, bedroom, kitchen, and garden.
  • Free Tray

    Simple design with a removable plastic draining tray is perfect to catch drips for potted plants.
  • Drainage Hole

    Each plastic planter comes with a hole in the bottom to drain the stagnant water and prevent overwatering for the aloe Vera plants, snake plants, and flowers.
  • The clean pattern

    Plastic flower pots make your planter looks great in apartments on coffee tables, modern home decor, offices, and dorm rooms.

                                                      About plastic flower pots

  • Brand: ZOUTOG
  • Material: Plastic
  • Color: Dark Brown
  • Shape: Round
  • Mounting Type: Window Mount, Tabletop
  • Plant or Animal Product Type: Cáctus
  • 15 Pack Planter Size:
  • 6 * 4 * 4.2 inches (Opening Diameter * Bottom Diameter * Height); Tray Size: 5 inches (Opening Diameter)
  • The clean pattern of your planter looks great in apartments on coffee tables, modern home decor, offices, and dorm rooms.