2pcs Round Replacement Coco Liner for Plants - 12 Inch Coco Liner Hanging Basket Garden Plant Flower Pot

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Coco Liners for Planters, 12-inch Coco Liner For Hanging Basket Graden Plant Flower Pot, Hanging Planter Kitchen

Introducing our 2pcs Round Replacement Coco Liner for Plants, the perfect solution for keeping your hanging baskets and garden planters looking great all season long. Made from high-quality materials, these 12-inch coco liners are designed to provide optimal moisture retention and drainage, ensuring your plants stay healthy and vibrant.

These replacement coco liners are easy to install and fit perfectly in most standard 12-inch hanging baskets and garden planters. Simply remove the old liner and replace it with the new one to give your plants a fresh start.

Made from natural materials, these coco liners are eco-friendly and provide a great alternative to traditional plastic liners. They are also biodegradable and can be composted after use, making them a sustainable choice for any gardener.

So why wait? Keep your plants healthy and looking great with our 2pcs Round Replacement Coco Liner for Plants. Order yours today and enjoy the benefits of high-quality coco liners for your garden.

The benefit of Round Replacement Coco Liner

  1. Superior drainage: The coco liner's porous nature allows for excellent drainage, helping to prevent waterlogging and root rot.

  2. Moisture retention: Coconut fiber has the ability to retain moisture, which helps prevent plants from drying out and ensures they have the water they need to thrive.

  3. Eco-friendly: Our coco liners are made from sustainable and environmentally friendly coconut fiber, making them a great choice for eco-conscious gardeners.

  4. Cost-effective: The liners can be reused season after season, saving you time and money in the long run.

  5. Easy to install: The coco liners are easy to install, making it simple to replace old or worn out liners.

  6. Fits 12-inch hanging baskets: These liners are specifically designed to fit 12-inch hanging baskets, ensuring a perfect fit for your plants.

  7. Healthier plants: By providing superior drainage and moisture retention, the coco liners help to promote healthier and more vibrant plants.

  8. Versatile: Our coco liners can be used with a variety of plants, including flowers, herbs, and vegetables, making them a versatile choice for any gardener.

  9. Aesthetically pleasing: The natural look of the coco liners adds to the overall aesthetic of your hanging basket or garden plant pot, enhancing the beauty of your plants.

Overall, our 2Pcs Round Replacement Coco Liner for Plants is a great investment for any gardener looking to promote healthy plant growth, while also being cost-effective and environmentally friendly.


The Best plant for Round Replacement Coco Liner


  1. Petunias: These colorful flowers bloom all summer long and are perfect for hanging baskets.

  2. Impatiens: These shade-loving plants come in a variety of colors and are great for adding a pop of color to your hanging basket.

  3. Begonias: With their bright blooms and interesting foliage, begonias are a great choice for hanging baskets.

  4. Fuchsias: These delicate flowers come in a variety of colors and can add a touch of elegance to your hanging basket.

  5. Lobelia: These tiny blue flowers add a beautiful accent to any hanging basket and can bloom all summer long.

  6. Geraniums: These classic flowers are easy to care for and come in a wide range of colors, making them a versatile choice for any hanging basket.

  7. Pansies: These hardy flowers can survive in cooler temperatures and come in a variety of colors, making them a great choice for early spring or fall hanging baskets.

  8. Nasturtiums: These brightly colored flowers are great for attracting pollinators and can add a unique touch to your hanging basket.

  9. Strawberries: These plants not only look great in hanging baskets but can also provide a tasty harvest of fresh fruit.

Overall, there are many great plants to choose from when using a 12-inch hanging basket with a coco liner. Choose a plant that suits your taste and the growing conditions in your area to ensure success.

Steps to use the 2pcs Round Replacement Coco Liner for Plants

  1. Remove the old liner: If you are replacing an old liner, remove it from the hanging basket or planter.

  2. Insert the new liner: Insert the new coco liner into the hanging basket or planter, making sure it fits snugly against the sides and bottom.

  3. Fill with soil: Fill the hanging basket or planter with soil, leaving enough space for your plants to fit.

  4. Plant your plants: Plant your desired plants in the soil, making sure to space them out appropriately.

  5. Water your plants: Water your plants thoroughly, making sure the soil is moist.

  6. Hang your basket: Hang your basket in a location that receives the appropriate amount of sunlight for your plants.

  7. Water regularly: Water your plants regularly, making sure not to let the soil dry out completely.

  8. Maintain your plants: As your plants grow, make sure to prune them back as needed and fertilize them according to their specific needs.

By following these steps, you can use the 2pcs Round Replacement Coco Liner for Plants to create a beautiful and thriving hanging basket or planter for your plants.


Material: coco coir fiber

Color: Brown

Shape: Round

Indoor/Outdoor Usage: Indoor

Mounting Type: Floor Standing

Plant or Animal Product Type: potted plants, flowers

Product Dimensions: 12"D x 12"W x 6"H

Number of Pieces: 2

Product Dimensions: 12 x 12 x 6 inches

Item Weight: 6.7 ounces


About Coco Liner:

  • Made from 100% Natural Coconut fiber, Coco Liners for planters keep plant moisture, promote air circulation, and reduces watering by 50%.
  • 2Pcs 12" Diameter Extra Thick Replacement Molded Coir Liners for Hanging Basket and Hanging planter kitchen.
  • Coco liners for planters are the popular choice of growers. Can be used for home furnishings, home gardening, balcony gardens, wedding decoration, and Greening projects.
  • Pre-formed Coconut liner Conveniently secured to the Hanging basket. Ideal for planting flower plants such as ivy, snapdragon, Chlorophytum plant, etc.
  • What you get: 2 packs of flower pot liners, 12 Inches in diameter x 5.5 Inches in depth.

12-inch Coco Liner for Hanging Planter Kitchen, Coco Liner Hanging Basket

There are many types of coconut planter liners to choose from. They come in various shapes and sizes that meet just about anyone’s needs. so These water-saving coconut liners are perfect for use indoors and out and are normally placed within planting troughs, window boxes, hanging baskets, and other types of planters containers.


Coconut liner for rope hanging planter basket keeps plants moist between watering.

Natural brown in color and pre-formed coco liner made of 100% natural coco fiber.

They can hold a great deal of water, as a result, it releases water slowly to allow plant roots to better take it up.

These water-saving coconut liners also provide good drainage. They’re porous too, allowing for good aeration.

These liners are very absorbent, so if hanging baskets or planters should become too dry, they will quickly re-absorb water.

The coconut husks used in coir contain potassium, copper, zinc, and manganese -- all nutrients that benefit plant growth.


The organic material of coconut coir contains a neutral pH (6.0-6.7) and small amounts of beneficial phosphorus and potassium.