5 Large Tillandsia Air Plant Lonantha Variety - Live Tropical House Plants for Home Decore, DIY Terrariums, indoor and Outdoor

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Tillandsia Air Plant Lonantha Variety - Live Tropical House Plants for Home Decore


Brand: It Blooms

Expected Blooming: Period Spring

Expected Planting Period: Spring



  • BEAUTIFUL EXOTIC HOUSE PLANTS- Includes 5 Large Tillandsia Air Plants Ionantha variety. Plants will range from 2.5 to 4 inches long. Only the healthiest plants are selected and packed with care from our nursery in Puerto Rico. so If you live in a cold region, they order in the Spring or to a place where they won't sit in a cold mailbox as they are tropical plants.
  • Tillandsia ionantha plants are low maintenance. No soil is required and they only need water once a week. Includes detailed clear and easy plant care instructions.
  • DO IT YOURSELF- Use these for terrariums, home decor, fairy gardens, gifts or to brighten up your living or office area.
  • AIR PURIFICATION- Air plants are great air purifiers that will help improve the quality of the air in your living space.
  • FAST SHIPPING- To ensure healthy plants upon arrival.

Easy to care for Tillandsia Air Plant, Tropical House plants

Don't plant them in Dirt and mist spray once a week. Dip them in water for a few minutes if you live in a dry or cool climate. They will do well in office lighting or near a bright window. Tillandsia ionantha plants will be shades of green and some have a touch of pink or red. Plants received may or may not be in bloom.

They gather moisture through the air naturally which helps them to grow. But if you live in a dry climate they will need extra care. You can also glue them to cork tree bark to make a pretty centerpiece.


We do not artificially color our plants like some sellers do with floral spray. Ours is 100% the work of the Caribbean sun. If they have reverted back to green, then they need more direct light.

The white on the plants are trichomes - and it's how the plant feeds itself in absence of roots that take up nutrients. Tillandsia ionantha plants use their roots to attach to items - nothing else. Research trichomes for more information.

Include the following: 5 - Large Tillandsia Air Plants Ionantha Variety 2.5 to 4 inches. Tropical House Plants