Basic Garden Tool (Regular -5'2"-5'10", Lime Green)

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Brand: "Basic Gardening Tools"/ " BGT"

Color: Lime Green


  • *NEW*: Factory Hand-Sharpened Tip! **100% USA Made - Lifetime Warranty
  • The BGT is a Multipurpose Tool that makes Weeding, Hoeing, Trenching, Digging and Working in Your Yard or Garden Faster and Easier!
  • The Patented Beveled-Edge Tip, and Saw Tooth Front/Back Edges Cut Through Plant Material Like Nothing Else Available
  • Hardwood Ergonomic Balanced Hand-Lathed Handle: 4/Handle Lengths/ for Clients: less than 5'-2," and over 5'-11,"...X-Long/ 6'-2"+
  • 90/Day Probation...with your BGT... for a Refund!

Details: *NEW.*Factory Hand-Sharpened Tip! ... 4/HANDLE-LENGTHS: ...If You are Less than 5'-2"... or More than 5'-11"... we have Short and Long Handles...! Dave’s Basic Garden Tool is a new Patented...Multiuse gardening Tool made in America... by workers with physical challenges including participants in the wounded warrior program. The product has a patented... triangular "Saw-Tooth" front and back edges, that cuts through plant materials and weeds... quickly and easily and makes other gardening chores stress-free. ...Dave’s Basic Garden Tool is a company which focuses on many core values the main one being to bring the highest-quality, hand-crafted American- made yard and garden tools to market. And to employee workers who would otherwise find it hard to obtain employment simply because of physical disabilities. The “BGT” is a patent-pending multipurpose tool that makes weeding, and working around garden beds easier and faster. Its triangle shaped head and open interior minimizes dirt movement. Its strength allows for digging thru rocks. The saw-tooth front and back edges cut thru plant material like nothing else available.