BGT - Hand Sharpened Gardening Tools

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BGT - Hand Sharpened Gardening Tools


BGT - Hand Sharpened Gardening Tool


BGT tool makes digging ,weeding, and hoeing as well as working around garden & yard .

Its allows for digging through rocks

The ergonomic designed and balanced NW-ash handle makes for comfortable hand placement.

BGT  Best gardening tools that you need for work on your yard


The BGT has a patented triangular saw tooth front and back that cut through plant materials, and weeds quickly and easily... and makes other gardening chores stress-free.


Products mitral


  • 100% USA American Made - 3 year Warranty!


  • The Beveled-Edge Tip, and Saw Tooth Front/Back Edges Cut Through Plant Material Like Nothing Else Available


  • Hardwood Ergonomic Balanced Hand-Lathed Handle: 4/Handle Lengths/ for Clients: less than 5'-2,


  • Hi-Carbon Spring Steel... Tempered over 4 hours always keeps its shape.


Questions&answers about the product  

Will GTB work with lava rock beds?


Yes prolonged use in lava rock beds will wear the tip and saw tooth edges down faster.


Can the GTB  be used to scrape over emerging weeds?


Yes,it can


GTB Will work for moss growing in between patio bricks?

Yes, need turn the tip upside down

What tools do I need to landscape my yard?

BTG is part of the tools that you need for your garden yard.

You can find here a list of more tools that you need for your landscape yard :

1. Gloves


2. Pruning Shears


3. Rake


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