Fat Plants San Diego Miniature Fairy Garden Succulent Cuttings (25)

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Brand: Fat Plants San Diego


  • FOR HEATED SHIPPING - please select Standard shipping at checkout. If your delivery location is in an area with freezing temperatures a heat pack will be included with priority mail shipping. Heat packs will not be added to orders where temperatures do not fall below freezing. Free replacements will not be sent for frozen plants when customer does not purchase heated shipping.
  • UNIQUE VARIETIES: You will receive assorted and unique succulent cuttings in mini sized - 1/2 inch to 2 inches in diameter/length. All cuttings will be unique with each order none of which will contain any duplicates. Your order will contain a mixture of colors but please note that our nursery growing cycle changes year-round, so varieties/species we send will vary weekly.
  • UNIQUE GIFTS: Everyone loves receiving succulents as a gift. Succulent cuttings are fun for all. We will gladly hand-write a card if you send us a message after purchase. Gift messaging will print on price free receipt unless you request that we hand write it.
  • DYI HOME AND OFFICE DECOR: Succulent cuttings are a great do it yourself project idea to add character to your home. Let your imagination run wild in creating something original and personal. Put them on display in geometric vases, unconventional planters such as baskets, lanterns, birdhouses, to wall mounts, dinner table centerpieces, or even desk decor.
  • FAMILY-OWNED AND OPERATED ESTABLISHMENT: Fat Plants San Diego is a California licensed grower and nursery.

Details: Succulent Cuttings from over 50 Varieties All of our succulents are grown locally in our Succulent & Cactus Nursery located in California. Each cutting will be hand selected from our nursery mother stock. We do our best to include as much mix of colors and textures based on the current availability but you will not necessary receive the cuttings shown in the picture for this listing. Please note that not all varieties are available year round and choices of cuttings will depend on mother nature herself and whether or not certain varieties are in dormancy. Beginner Friendly Directions On How To Root Your Cuttings Open your box immediately upon arrival. Never expose them under direct sun when arrival It is crucial that you use a well draining Succulent & Cactus soil mix, before planting LIGHTLY moisten the soil & plant your cutting ½-2 inches into the soil. It is important not to over moisten the soil as this will lead to root rot since the cuttings don't yet have roots. Choose a warm, airy location under indirect/filtered sunlight, or shaded area after planting. Water it 5-10 days after planting depending on condition. All cuttings usually develop roots anywhere from 2-6 weeks. NEVER PLACE CUTTINGS IN DIRECT SUNLIGHT AS THIS WILL KILL YOUR CUTTINGS WITHIN A FEW HOURS. Once your cuttings grow a root system, your water cycle should be once a week or when soil is COMPLETELY DRY. Keep in mind that the colors/vibrancy of your succulents will ultimately depend on where they are located (indoor/outdoor) and of course the time of year as succulents also go through dormancy.