Flowers - One Dozen Long Stemmed Red Roses (Free Vase Included)

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Brand: From You Flowers

Color:  Multicolor

Style:  Emblem of pure love, Red Roses.

Specialty:  Heavy glass container.


Price: $30.00

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From you, Flowers-One Dozen Long Stemmed Red Roses with free vases come in bouquets and floral arrangements. The agro-technology adopted in their production is beyond imagination. These Roses are grown in a cold climate with the best quality. And hence, they have long stems making them an exquisite beauty as a gift and as a token of love and purity.  So you can offer them to your beloved on some special occasions like marriage day, bridal day, Christmas day, dating, etc. Apart from that, you can place a bouquet on your desk, tea table, and office.


Q: How are the Roses delivered?

A: They are delivered with great care in a heavy glass container.

Q: Do they wither rapidly?

A: It’s an important query. They last a couple of days but if you spray some water, they will sustain organic for some more days.

Q: Does the vase come as it is advertised?

A: Yes, as it is.


  1. Title: Flowers-designers Choice Mixed Bouquet ( free vase included)