Succulent Pots, ZOUTOG 4 inch Colorful Ceramic Flower Pots, Succulent Planters with Drainage Hole and Bamboo Plant Saucers

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Color: Colorful


  • Each round planter is made from glazed ceramic with a faux-marble finish. Colorful ceramic pots are in fashion, able to create the vivacious look of the garden as well as easy to move.
  • Our glazed ceramic pots are waterproof, frost proof, resist any temperature as well as has a drainage system. We can place these ceramics pots outside or inside the house.
  • Drainage Hole: Each pot features a drainage hole and the bamboo trays are a stylish way to catch any dripping water. This is one of the most important features of a succulent pot because it prevents water from pooling making it harder for you to overwater the plants.
  • Detachable Saucers: The matching saucers can catch small amount excessive draining water and dirt to keep it clean. Let your plants stand out in this set of succulent pots from ZOUTOG.
  • Whether you’re an urban gardener, a plant enthusiast, or a veteran green thumb, this unique plant pot is bound to become your favorite home accessory.

Details: Benefits of Using Ceramic Planters: 1, It is porous and thus the movement of air and moisture takes place easily even down to the plant roots. 2, The thick ceramic walls protect the plants from the sudden temperature change. During the summer season, the plants are protected from scorching sun rays. Ceramic pots also trap water or moisture within soil and thus keep the plants healthy. 3, The ceramic planter pots provide wonderful home decor. Planting Tips: If you want to keep your succulents small, give them about an extra ½ inch or so. If you want them to grow larger, give them about an extra inch or so.

Package Dimensions: 14.0 x 10.0 x 4.0 inches