Window Garden – Microgreen Tray, Made of Beautiful Acrylic. Includes Fiber Soil and Spray Bottle. Grow Seeds to Fresh Greens, Growing Microgreens, Wheatgrass Succulents with Style. (1 Pack).

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  • ***CHECK OUT OUR STORE! - Click on the blue Window Garden link at top of page*** MULTI-USE - You’ll be amazed how useful this tray is for growing herbs, succulents, cactus, Microgreens, wheatgrass, fairy and dish gardens, house plant trip tray… endless uses. It’s interesting and educational for kids to see roots growing through the clear acrylic tray.
  • ATTRACTIVE - Forget about flimsy ugly plastic trays, this decorative, clear, sturdy, acrylic planting tray looks absolutely stunning in any décor. Now you can grow seedlings and plants with elegance and style. You can even grow Microgreens near a window then serve them on your dinner table in the same dish!
  • COMPLETE - The 15" x 6" Multi-Use Planter Tray (BPA FREE) comes with 2 quarts of Fiber Soil and a spray bottle, all you need are plants or seeds. Get growing today!
  • CONVENIENT SIZE AND DURABLE - The Multi - Use Planter Tray’s compact 15” x 6” dimensions is about half the size of those black plastic trays but won’t crack or leak and can easily nestle into any nook on your counter or windowsill.
  • SPACE SAVING - Don’t have any counter space near a window? No problem, the Multi- Use Planter Tray fits perfectly onto our Window Garden Double Veg Ledge. Give your plants and seedlings the light they need without taking up any additional space. ***GET 10% OFF MICROGREEN 3 PACK'S and a DOUBLE VEG LEDGE*** – SEE PROMOTION


When it comes to function, simplicity and style this is the perfect planting tray. Most seedling trays are made of disposable plastic that are better suited for the basement or back room. Not this tray, proudly show off your seedlings in the kitchen or living room window for everyone to see, its interesting to watch them grow in this attractive clear tray.

Not interested in growing seeds, then plant a gorgeous dish garden or build a fairy garden with your kids. Kids love them and you'll both spend ours of fun creating something they'll enjoy and admire afterwards.

Need a table center piece? Use the Multiuse Planter Tray to float some candles or flower tops or set out a crop of wheatgrass to touch and admire. It doesn't get any more elegant.

Do you have a flowerpot that drips water on your windowsill, causing you to use one of those tin drip trays to catch the water? Now you can scrap that ugly tin drip tray and replace it with the stylish clear Multi-Use Planter Tray so you can show off your plants and keep everything dry.

Now, Lets Get Growing!

Package Dimensions: 15.2 x 6.5 x 2.9 inches