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10 Flowers That You Can Grow At Home

Vibrant and colorful flowers make any garden appear beautiful. But caring for flowers can be scary for a new gardener or a busy person at home. Flowering plants don’t need a lot of space. Here are ten flowers that you can grow at home:

Easy to Grow Flowers At Home

1. Hoya Carnosa- Grow Flowers

These plants, also called wax plants, should be at the top of your list if you want plants that look good and can easily grow inside. Do well in many different climates, and they can also be used in low-light situations. The waxy star-shaped buds are a big part of this tropical house plant that people notice.

2. Marigolds- Grow Flowers

Marigolds are an excellent choice for people looking for easy plants to grow at home. Marigold is an annual flower, and it grows all year round. You can enjoy the marigold through all seasons. There are four color varieties: Shades of yellow, red, gold, and mixed hue.Marigolds grow up to a height of 6 inches to 3 feet tall.

Marigold is one of many people’s choices because it grows quickly from seed, and they use it to repel mosquitoes both in the garden and on the window sill. The only thing is that Marigold cannot survive in low light.

3. Gladiolus

Gladioli are great for adding height and romance to floral arrangements because of their bright, long stems. With modern hybrids like Gladiolus “Tango” and “Green Star,” your vase will have a whole new set of colors that are both modern and fresh. There are many options. As soon as the lower two or three florets start to open, cut the gladiolus flowers. But try to leave as many leaves as possible to help the bulb growth for next year.  

4. Jasmine

Jasmine is a perennial flower with a beautiful fragrance. Jasmin plants are best planted between the end of autumn and spring. You can grow from seeds or use a 6-inch long jasmine branch at the beginning of the summer when the flowers begin to bloom and transfer to a balcony or garden. The jasmine thrives in low light.

5. Anthurium

There are a lot of different colors for these heart-shaped plants. They can be red or white, pink or purple, or even red and white. and also easy to grow inside and bloom all year long. They like indirect light, wet weather, and soil that isn’t too dry, so they do well. Parents and pet owners, be careful with these pretty plants because they can be dangerous if they get into your food. 

6. Gloxinia

This plant’s cousin is in the same family as African violets. It has pretty, frilly flowers and leaves that are dark green. Winter is a good time for nurseries, florists, and even some grocery stores to have these things. They like bright, screened sunlight and soil that isn’t too wet. They also don’t like getting their leaves wet. These flowers bloom for about two months. They’re known for being picky about reblooming.

7. Hydrangeas

Bright-leaved plants are great additions to your garden in the spring when they start to bloom independently. Hydrangeas can live for a long time if you keep their soil moist and put them in direct sunlight. The plants will look great in your home if these two things are true.

8. Cyclamen

New blooms keep coming up for months. The flowers come in pink, lilac, red, or white, floating on heart-shaped leaves. They love lots of sunlight but can thrive at room temperature between 60 and 70 degrees. If it’s warmer than that, the leaves start to turn yellow and die off. 

9. Phalaenopsis Orchid

These orchids look fragile, but they aren’t as fragile as they seem. They’ll bloom for a long time and can live for years with very little attention. This flower likes bright, indirect sunlight and plenty of water. 

10. Kalanchoe

This succulent has glossy green leaves and flower clusters that last for weeks. The bright red, yellow, pink, or orange flower clusters are some colors you can have. It thrives in bright indirect sunlight.

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