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3 Outdoor Plants Similar To Spider Plants

3 Outdoor Plants Similar To Spider Plants

Outdoor Plants:

Plants that can be grown outside your home in your garden or placed at your front porch are called outdoor plants. These plants need sunlight , some of them need full sun while others just need indirect sunlight to survive. There is a huge variety of plants that can be counted as outdoor plants. You can check out this article  https://nbuflowers.com/blogs/blog/what-are-outdoor-plants for more information about outdoor plants.

What are Spider Plants?

Spider plant, sometimes also known as airplane plant, is one of the most common and easy to grow house plants. It is named as spider plant because of its long green leaves hanging down from the planter like spider legs.Spider plants are also known to help purify the air. Too much sunlight can damage its leaves and can turn the tips brown. In spring these plants can also start producing beautiful white flowers.

Spider plants are one of the easiest plants to take care of. First thing you will need is a pot with drain holes, so the excess water can drain out itself and a good potting mix. Spider plants are similar to succulents, you don't need to water them everyday. Too much water can damage the roots.

What are the different types of Spider Plants?

Variegated spider plant.

Reverse spider plant.

Zebra spider plant

Bonnie spider plant

Hawaiian spider plant

Chlorophytum capense.

Chlorophytum Bichetii.

What are the plants similar to these Plants?


2.Pandanus Plant

3.Dracaena Plants

4.Ophiopogon – White Lily Turf

5.Stenotaphrum Secundatum (variegated buffalo grass)

Carex is one of the top finds when it comes to spider plant look-alikes. Carex has almost identical leaves but just a little narrower tips than the outdoor spider plant. It also does not need a lot of care and can grow both indoors and outdoors. Carex requires average temperature, can do good in both direct or indirect sunlight.




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